Why Custom Adhesives Are Uniquely Cost-Effective


It’s probably safe to say that for most, the primary concern regarding working with 3M preferred tape converters is the potential for elevated costs. In manufacturing environments where bonding materials represents an important everyday process, it can be natural to fall into a routine.  The way you do business now has been working for some time, meaning you’re likely to continue in the same way, without considering available alternatives.

Particularly, any alternatives that may incur additional costs for the business.

Which is precisely why the idea of ordering bespoke adhesive products may seem a little excessive to some. After all, these are the kinds of adhesive products that are designed and manufactured to order, specifically in accordance with the requirements of the business and its intended application. Of course, it’s true to say that these kinds of custom products are always going to be more expensive than generic alternatives. But at the same time, they can also be uniquely cost-effective.

Why Custom Adhesives Are Uniquely Cost-Effective

In fact, the ideal custom adhesives in a variety of applications could actually improve the profitability of the business as a whole.

Not convinced?

Consider the following and you may come around:

Custom Adhesives Speed Things Up

The first of all, one of the biggest and most immediate benefits of bespoke adhesives in manufacturing settings is the way in which the speed up the production process. Quite simply, there is no faster or more convenient way of joining materials than using custom adhesives. From welding to mechanical fixings to anything else across the board, adhesives from bespoke manufacturers can speed things up significantly. Even more impressively, the right adhesive products can improve production speeds without having any negative impact on quality whatsoever. Greater output and better efficiency add up to a more profitable business in general.

Custom Adhesives Are Cheaper to Use

Not only are adhesives simpler to work with and apply than alternative joining methods, there are also cheaper.  Considerably cheaper too, when factoring in the additional equipment and tools required to work with other joining methods.  The most obvious example being welding, which may be relatively cheap on an individual join-by-join basis, but is quite to the contrary when it comes to the equipment costs.  Equipment which will inevitably require on-going repairs and replacements as and when required. Over time, the ideal custom adhesive can work out so much cheaper to use on an on-going basis than any comparable alternatives.

Custom Adhesives Improve Final Product Quality

Back with the subject of product quality, it’s actually possible for the right adhesive product to improve the quality of whatever it is you produce. There are several reasons for this – the first of which being the way in which custom adhesives create invisible bonds that cannot be seen by the eye. In addition, quality custom adhesives are able to create bonds that are just as strong, if not even stronger than any comparable joining method. On top of all this, the fact that custom adhesive products weigh almost nothing means that no additional weight is brought into the mix. In many instances, keeping final product weights as low as possible can be highly beneficial.

Custom Adhesives Are Safer

It’s also worth considering the health and safety aspect, too.  In the hands of skilled and experienced engineers, welding has the potential to be extremely safe and effective. Nevertheless, there will always be certain risks and hazards attached to these kinds of industrial joining methods, which cannot be eliminated from the equation. One of the benefits of working with a custom adhesive product is that they can be designed in a manner which makes them comprehensively safe.  Not to mention, easy to use by those who may have absolutely no specific training or expertise whatsoever – all of which adding up to reduced labour costs.

Custom Adhesives Offer Total Compatibility

Last but not least, mechanical fixings and welding will always have their somewhat strict limitations, in terms of material compatibility. For obvious reasons, it can be difficult or even impossible to use such approaches when dealing with certain fragile or awkward materials. What makes the difference with custom adhesive products is the way in which they can be designed to work flawlessly with absolutely any materials across the board.  Which can be particularly useful when looking to join two or more materials, which may typically be considered incompatible. Quite simply, working with custom adhesives means being able to do things that may otherwise be impossible, when using alternative joining methods.


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