What to buy your teenage son for his birthday

Once you reach a certain age, buying a gift for a teenage boy can feel like walking through a minefield. Is this gift too childish and inappropriate? Is this other one too serious and will only end up forgotten in a drawer? Pleasing a complicated and sometimes angsty teen is not easy, especially if you’ve lost touch with your son and aren’t sure what his interests are, but these ideas will give you the inspiration you need to buy the perfect gift.

What to buy your teenage son for his birthday

Biker rings and accessories

Although men and boys aren’t particularly known for their love of fashion accessories, they still like to wear them if they send a message and represent who they are. Enter biker jewelry – a popular component in urban culture and must-have for any teenage boy who knows how to ride a bike or ride a skateboard. In addition to completing that cool biker look that boys are loving these days, biker accessories also have a strong, adult feel and will make any teen feel great about themselves. Some ideas include a skull bracelet for men, skull cuffs, wallet chains, or a pendant. The reason why you should buy accessories over clothes is that they are much cheaper and they are usually better received than clothes, which can be hit or miss.

Tech gifts

Regardless of their school grades, all teens have a crazy fascination with tech and science. Whether it manifests as spending hours playing League of Legends, watching YouTube for hours, making Android skins or wandering around in gadgets stores, they love putting their hands on whatever is trending in tech. If the budget allows you, then you can buy your son a new console, laptop, smartphone or even a VR set. If not, then some affordable ideas include computer peripherals (gaming mice and keyboards), console controllers, Steam gift vouchers, phone cases or headphones.

Music gifts

Teenagers take their music preferences very seriously and, to them, their favorite band or genre is simply a way of life. If you could buy them a ticket to gig of their favorite band, they will definitely appreciate it. And, in case that isn’t possible, you can never go wrong with music merch such as T-shirts, keychains, rucksacks, bandannas or posters. Just make sure you find out exactly what genre they like, because genre subdivisions are very specific these days.

The gift of a beautiful experience

Sometimes, the perfect gift isn’t an object, but an experience. If you know that your teenage son wants to try something new, such as traveling to a foreign country for the first time, start a band, join a club or enroll in a sports camp, help him make his dream come true by paying for the whole thing. Your gift will not be quantifiable, he won’t be able to put it on a shelf and show it to his friend, but he will definitely appreciate you supporting his hobbies.

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