What is the Best Type of Water Filter?

Water contaminants can have a devastating impact on your health, which is why a water filter is required to eliminate all the risks that they involve. Still, choosing a water treatment system that can meet your needs might be tricky, so you have to consider several aspects in order to obtain clean, healthy water. Here is a guide that will help you make a great purchase.

What is the Best Type of Water Filter 1

Analyze your impurity reduction need

The most important factor that you have to consider in your water filter selection process is the type of contaminants that exist in your water. It is important to understand that not all filtration systems can be effective for the same category of chemicals and pollutants. Since water companies are forced to provide a water quality report for their customers, you can discover which contaminants are present in your tap water. All you have to do is get a copy of this report from your water provider, and obtain the information that you need to buy a filter that is certified to address your needs and concerns.


There are three filtration processes used by water treatment systems. Each technology has its advantages and limitations, so it’s up to you to decide which one can meet your expectations the most.

  • Distillation

According to specialists’ opinion, distillation is the most effective method of eliminating water contaminants, because it boils water and it collects steam as it condenses, letting heavy metals and other impurities behind. Still, volatile organic chemicals convert into gases, so they carry over with the steam. Also, distillers are very slow.

  • Reverse Osmosis

These water filters use high water pressure to filter water, and can deliver a great operation when it comes to reducing inorganic contaminants. However, they require activated carbon in order eliminate organic contaminants as well, and they waste more water than they treat.

  • Solid Block Activated Carbon

Solid Block Activated Carbon systems feature the most affordable process, because they don’t require electricity, nor high water pressure to perform. Furthermore, they can eliminate chlorine, disinfection byproducts, lead and other inorganic contaminants.

Water filter type

  • Whole house water filters have the capacity to deliver clean, fresh water through every faucet of a home. Also known as point-of-entry systems, these devices can treat all the water entering a house, offering safe water for drinking, cooking and bathing.
  • Point of use products can filter water at the point of consumption, including at the refrigerator, kitchen sink, and shower head.

It is essential to decide on a type of water filter. However, even when you do decide, there are several similar products that you must analyze before deciding on a particular model. We advise you to read the reviews on www.myhomewaterfilter.com before investing in a certain water filter system.

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