Tips to master the art of Christmas gift-wrapping

If you are bored of the classic gift-wrapping that includes just wrapping paper and nothing else, then these tips are perfect for you, because you will find out new ideas to wrap like a pro. So get all your gifts in one place and start wrapping them, for Christmas is just around the corner.

Tips to master the art of Christmas gift-wrapping

Plaid is always a good idea

Tartan plaid wrapping paper can easily be used all year round for all sorts of gifts, but choosing a red and green coloured one seems to be more appropriate for the festive season.


Do you want to get rid of your old books?

Do not throw away old books if you want to get rid of them. Instead, use them as a wrapping paper for smaller gifts. Not only they will look very cute and unique, but they will also save you some money while being an eco-friendly wrapping choice.


Add some initial ornaments

You can either buy ornaments with initials or make them on your own – it all depends on you. If they are sparkly, then use black or brown wrapping paper.


Oldie but goodie

Maybe you are the type of person who cannot be bothered with wrapping paper. Thus, you can stick to the classic Christmas bags, and your gifts will be ready in no time.


How about wrapping a gift for your music addict friend?

If you cannot find sheet music wrapping paper, then you can enlarge the music on a copier, and print it. Remember to use thick paper if you want your gift to look amazing.


Bows everywhere

If you are not fond of stickers and ribbons, use multiple monochromatic bows to cover the entire top of your gift box.


Polka dots for an elegant touch

If you want to opt for something else rather than plaid, a classic polka dot wrapping paper is a good option. Just remember to only use red ribbon to make it more noticeable.


Add some gift toppers to make the gift stand out more

Gift toppers and stickers are perfect to use when you want to wrap your gifts with brown paper. They add a pop of colour and make the gift stand out. So try using gift toppers that are made from honeycomb paper and you will easily make some unique Christmas baubles. In order to draw the hangers of the baubles, you can use a festive coloured paint pen. Also, try making pom-poms out of yarn. They will look amazing as gift toppers.

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