Tips to get study notes to easily learn later

You have no chance to get good marks if your class notes are unclear, unorganised and messy. And no, it does not have anything to do with your handwriting, it is all about how you structure the notes. You have to remember that the information you get from your class will make the difference when you will have an exam. If you manage to note the essential information, you will find easier to learn during the exam sessions. Here are some different strategies you can try when you are taking notes during your college classes.

Tips to get study notes to easily learn later

The Cornell method

This method teaches you how to organise your notes into summaries easy to read. This method will help you organise your notes, summarise the content and make the courses easy to review. You will be able to write down the main concepts and ideas the teacher shares. You only have to divide the paper into 3 sections, the main section is designed for taking notes during your classes, the cues section is designed for the after class session, when you note what aspects you have to remember, and the summary part at the bottom allows you to write the main ideas of the notes. The notes written according to this method are the most appreciated ones on OneClass.

The charting method

For this method, you will have to divide the page into columns and to label them according to specific categories. When the teacher shares information about a certain topic, you will have to write it in the designed column.

The mapping method

For this method, every page from your notebook is designed for discussing a certain subject. You will use branches to point out the main topics and subtopics of the subject. You will begin the map in class while writing information about the main topic. You will connect to it headings that reflect the subtopic and you will write under them why they are important.

The outlining method

For the outlining method, you will use bullet points and headings to easily organise the content. Every section of content will include a heading to point out the main subject. Underneath the headings, you will write supporting facts about it. During the lesson, you will write the main ideas of the subject with the help of bullet points. List all the details regarding the subject underneath the heading and slightly to the right to make them stand out.

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