The Most Incredible Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

When it comes to apartment interior design ideas, space is the biggest concern. Although you may not believe this, small rooms can look as amazing as larger spaces when decorated accordingly. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop to a practical design when there are so many tricks that you can use to create a place that is both functional and incredibly good looking. Furthermore, if you want to make your tiny living room perfect for receiving guests, you should consider the following small apartment living room ideas.

The Most Incredible Small Apartment Living Room Ideas 1

Turn the TV into a focal point

If you want to add more visual interest to your living room, we recommend you to hang colorful paneled artwork behind the TV. That will help you frame your television and create a unique decor, but it will also allow you to make the room look more cheerful. In order to make the place more functional, we advise you to mount the TV on the wall and use the console beneath it for storage purposes. Moreover, you can use the console as a serving surface when having friends over.

Use floating shelves to save more floor space

Most of the small apartment living room ideas focus on saving as much floor space as possible because only that way the place will look uncluttered and easy to use. Therefore, we advise you to use floating shelves to display beautiful decorative objects, meaningful mementos, and pictures with inspirational messages. Staggering the shelves will help you add a modern touch to your living room, and create a contemporary design. Furthermore, we recommend you to consider simple, basic shelves that can go with anything because you don’t need beautiful shelves when you can use beautiful ornaments to make them look more attractive.

Create a fun entry

If your apartment doesn’t have a designated entry, and you enter directly into the living room when getting inside the apartment, you have to add more structure to the place. One of the best small apartment living room ideas implies creating an entry by using a bookcase on which you can attach hooks for hanging coats. We suggest adding enough hooks on the sides of the bookcase to hang hats, umbrellas, and leashes. In order to make this entry look more attractive, you should enhance the bottom shelves with small drawers and baskets for storing sunglasses, keys and anything else that you need to take with you when going outdoors.

Make the place look bigger with mirrors

As you probably realized by now, the best apartment interior design ideas are the ones that create the illusion of a bigger space. Everyone knows that mirrors can work wonders when it comes to making a small place look bigger, but not all people know how to use them in order to obtain the best results. This decorating trick is more effective when placing a large mirror across from a window, because that way it will reflect light better, and it will give the impression of a larger room.

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