Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

If you are looking for some bathroom designs for small bathrooms, you are probably looking for ideas that will highlight the best features of your space. However, try to look beyond the size of your bathroom, because sometimes, the particularities of the room such as – protruding walls, or the length and width proportions of the room are the best details on which you can build a meaningful and well put together design. If you neglect these particularities from the start, your bathroom vision will look quite different in reality. Here are some ideas that can help you with your remodeling project:

Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms Picture Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms Picture

The shower cabin should take a quarter of the space

If you have the long length type of bathroom, it’s advisable to segment your room and place the shower cabin or the bathtub in the back, on the width wall. Choose some transparent glass walls for your water protection and keep the details for walls, tiles, furniture and decorative objects.

Semi-open glass enclosure

If the width wall of your bathroom is bigger than your bathtub, it would be nice to use a semi-open glass water protection wall in order to give the illusion of a bigger room.

Choose Zen colors

Although it’s advisable to use only light colors in tight spaces, as long as you create balance can go for the darker colors too, such as browns. Do some research on Zen bathrooms to see what color combos work best. Don’t keep it too simple and play a little with the tile patterns.

Place some plants in your bathroom

There are many bathroom designs for small bathrooms that encourage placing plants here. Make sure you choose some plants that love the humidity. If you choose to create a shower cabin by simply dividing your bathroom and installing some glass walls, you will have a lot of space where you can take a shower – you can even arrange yourself a little garden there.

Special lighting in your bathroom

Pay attention to the light in your bathroom and inside your shower cabin. If you don’t have any source of natural light, take the opportunity to play with some spots and highlight the features that you like the best in your bathroom.

Work with a team of experts

Last but not least, if you really want to make sure that your bathroom will turn out perfect, you need to work with a team of expert contractors and interior designers. Personally, we recommend KBR Kitchen & Bath, the most reputable bathroom remodel Northern VA company. Their team includes interior designers, architects and contractors, so you will benefit from all the advice and support that you need throughout the entire renovation process.

Do You Need A Water Filter in Your Home?

Most people are aware of the consequences of drinking unfiltered tap water, which is why they buy bottled water as a way to avoid ingesting water contaminants. Still, bottled water can be very expensive, and it doesn’t represent the best solution for eliminating all the factors that pose as a risk to your health. For instance, nobody uses bottled water for cooking, as people tend to believe that boiling tap water can eliminate all the impurities that it contains. Still, there are certain contaminants that can resist even to high temperatures, so a water filter is necessary for preparing healthy meals for your family.

Do You Need A Water Filter in Your Home

How can tap water affect the quality of your foods?

Using tap water for making pasta, soups, tea, coffee, and other beverages can alter the taste of your foods. Chlorine is a water contaminant that is used to remove bacteria and germs from your water supply, but its specific smell can affect the quality of your foods. Therefore, although you might drink bottled water, you are exposed to the risk of eating foods that contain a significant number of contaminants. Tap water is a source of many chemicals, from chlorine to lead, fluoride and nitrates. Therefore, you have to search for a water filter that can provide you with healthy, great-tasting water for both drinking and cooking.

How can unfiltered water affect people with sensitive skin?

As we explained before, chlorine is used by municipal water supplies to reduce the number of pathogens that exist in the water. Still, this water treatment can be very harmful for the skin, as it can be absorbed through the pores during showering, and it can lead to painful rashes and irritations. Besides making your skin dry, chlorine can also affect your hair and your eyes, and when it interacts with organic matter that naturally exists in water, it forms disinfectant byproducts, which are very harmful. Although you can put filters on your shower heads, we advise you to opt for a whole house water filter instead. This type of filtration system can deliver safe, clean water through every faucet of your house, allowing you to drink healthy water and bathe in clean water.

If aside from high levels of chlorine, you also deal with hard water, then you should check the latest comparison and reviews of 2016 water softeners. For the best results the water softener and the water filter should be bought from the same manufacturer in order to be compatible. If you are uncertain of whether or not you have hard water, check to see if you have limescale deposits on your bathroom fixtures. If you do, invest in a quality softener as hard water affects not only your bathroom fixtures, but also your appliances and even your health.

How to search for the best water filter?

In order to make sure that your water filter will deliver the best performance, you have to search for a unit that was designed to remove the same type of contaminants that your tap water contains. So, before deciding on a certain model, you need to analyze your local water reports and find out what kind of impurities it contains. After discovering the water pollutants that you are dealing with, you can start searching for a water filter that has the capacity to capture the exact category of chemicals. Start by visiting On this website you will find some very thorough reviews of the best types of water filters.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas

Looking at these modern garden designs just makes you want to take care of your garden. These are some ideas for what your garden can turn into. First you need to define what is the main purpose of your garden – do you plan to use it more for your personal relaxation or do you want to make it be the object of your hobby? Your garden must be the mirror of your lifestyle. Do you like gardening? Do you like swimming? Do you like to meet with your friends and relax outdoor in a nice setting? If you don’t have a big garden then you will have to prioritize your activities or restrict each one of them to a smaller area.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 2

Green Passage Way

If you’re looking just for a green splash of color in your garden, you can plant just a few flowers or decorating bushes surrounding a beg of stones. The pavers that you will use in your garden will allow you to cross this area safely.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 3

Fire Pit

If you cannot imagine enjoying your garden without organizing here meetings and parties with your friends, you should have a fire pit in the middle of a gathering setting.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 4

 Futuristic Modern Garden Designs

Not anyone can afford this beauty but if you are passionate about golf and you want to save some space for your golf field, this is not a bad idea at all! As you can see, a lot of modern garden ideas involve lawns, which are always perfectly trimmed. The lawn is a minimalist focus point which goes great with the modern style. In order to maintain it in optimal shape, buy the best walk behind mower. A walk behind mower is perfect for small and medium lawns. However, if you have a very big lawn, you will spend a lot of time mowing it, even if you do have the best walk behind mower. If that is the case, it would be wiser to buy a riding mower, which will get the job done faster.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 5

Solitary Pavers

Just like the ancient rulers felt safe when they surrounded their tower by a circle of water, the same way you will feel when you’ll have this puzzle garden.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 6

Lighting Is Important

Create a relaxing mood by the type of lighting that you use. Highlight only specific corners of your modern garden.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 8 'Fleming's Nurseries Sharing the Experience' Design Dean Herald Fleming's Nurseries & Trailfinders RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2006

Relaxation Setting

Freshly cut grass, some outdoor sofas and some little tables may be exactly what you need.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 7

Simple Design

The neat and clean modern garden designs may be right for you if you like stylish and simple things.

Modern Garden Designs Ideas 1

Water Landscape

Arranging a water landscape in your garden will give you a peaceful state of mind, it will relax you and balance your energies. Have some decorating stones or some statues and your garden will look like an ancient Greece garden.

If you’ve enjoyed our garden design ideas, and you are searching for more ways in which you can improve and beautify your home and your garden, we advise you to visit On that website, you will find countless home & garden tips as well as general lifestyle advice.

Is the Modern Home Interior Design the Style for You?

The modern home design is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without any complicated details. However, this does not mean that a house designed according to the principles of this style should have a cold, sterile and rigid aspect. Too many people believe that a modern room offers the image of a hospital because of the white and clean surfaces and this is not true. The fact that this style is clean and uncluttered makes it perfect for those who don’t like dusting around and filling their shelves with frills and tiny decorations. If you are among those people, the modern style could be the right style for you.

Which are the colors of the modern interior design

Simplicity, subtlety, texture and clean lines help you to define correctly the modern style and you need to focus on color, space, and form. A modern home design dresses the space in light colors, basically white, with a splash or two of color added in order to keep the balance of the room. Black is often used in wood, tile or vinyl floors and if the walls and windows are painted in pastel colors, the decorations should be in neutral colors.
Interior Design the 2

What kind of furniture is suitable for the modern style

Architectural details such as high ceilings, simple windows and geometric shapes are very important in order to create a modern home interior design that is not crowded and where the furniture and decorations are few, but they are very well-worth.
The furniture must have geometric shapes and includes pieces with clean lines, smooth shapes, sculptures or surfaces without ornaments, made of light colored wood such as maple with stained glass, steel, nickel or chromium details. The upholstery is black, white or in other neutral tones and is made of natural fibers. The materials such as leather, wool, cotton, silk or jute have a natural and textured aspect. Sofas, chairs, and armchairs are simple, without any decorations and the cushions with geometric shapes have the purpose to bring some color into the room.
Interior Design the 1

What type of accessories define the modern style

If you are more of an artistic nature, the modern home interior design will suit you perfectly. This style does not allow any little trinkets thrown on top of a shelf and the accessories are more works of art than decorations. An abstract painting or a geometric patterned rug are the perfect items to give color to the space and to create a focal point.

Easy Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

The best contemporary garden design ideas involve focusing on linear designs and bold geometry in order to create an outstanding decor. Since the garden is the foundation of a beautiful and relaxing landscape, we advise you to opt for a streamlined aesthetic style that will help you clear your mind and enter a peaceful mood every time you are admiring the view. Here are some great tips that will help you form an opinion about how your outdoor areas should look.

Easy Contemporary Garden Design Ideas 1

Create an urban space

The main characteristic of modern gardens is their resemblance with an outdoor room. So, in order to understand better what creating a modern garden means, you should try to imagine how a room with a contemporary design would look like without walls. In other words, the space must appear well organized, and it must feel controlled. Based on many contemporary garden design ideas, plants are not very important when it comes to achieving a modern decor, as the most important thing is to create a hardscape. Therefore, you should try to build an environment that must include the following elements:

  • paved areas for creating a visionary urban space;
  • decorative walls;
  • geometrical structures;
  • green plants with well-defined shapes;
  • patio furniture.

Use the right type of accessories

In order to make your garden as stylish as possible, you should use materials like metal, concrete and wood to decorate it. Furthermore, one of the best contemporary garden design ideas implies using weathered corten steel to add some nice accents to the place. Keep in mind that the goal of a modern decor is to create contrast, so we recommend you to use wood elements, as well. You can opt for a wood decking, a simple patio furniture that you can accessorize with orange cushions, and a fire pit filled with blue glass to create a nice contrast. Architectural plants and furnishings with clean lines will add a special touch to the place, so remember to search for garden accessories with interesting textures and structures.

Include a kid-friendly area

Adding a sandpit in your garden represents a great solution for making your yard more functional. Furthermore, creating a small island where your little ones can play will help you enjoy your garden while watching your kids having a great time. The best part is that when your children will outgrow the sandpit, you can transform it into a raised garden box, or you can use it as the base of an abstract sculpture. That will help you add more visual interest to the place.

Tips for Finding the Right Dishwasher for Your Kitchen Design

Decorating the kitchen is more than choosing colors and fabrics, it’s about mixing and matching them in such way that the results will be pleasant and homogenous, and finding the right decorations and appliances that will match the design style. In order to find the right dishwasher for your kitchen design, you must consider certain aspects of the background and you will definitely be able to choose the right model.

Decide which design style you will use for your kitchen

The first step in choosing any decorations, as well as the appliances, is to decide on the decorating style you will have in your kitchen. From classic to modern, country or futuristic, you have plenty of decision to make regarding the colors and the materials you will use. Once you have decided on the style, you can search for modern and stylish dishwashers that will go along with a modern kitchen, a digital stainless steel dishwasher for a futuristic design, or a classic enameled sheet dishwasher with old fashion buttons for a country kitchen.
Bosch Home Appliances during Modernism Week on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in Palm Springs, CA. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision for Bosch/AP Images) Bosch Home Appliances during Modernism Week on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in Palm Springs, CA. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision for Bosch/AP Images)

Analyze various models

Before you decide on a particular model, you should read several dishwasher reviews. Reviews will help you better understand the features of a dishwasher and they will also help you compare different models. There are various websites that feature dishwasher reviews, but from our research, seems to be like the best one as it as unbiased, easy to understand reviews.

Match the dishwasher with the rest of the appliances

Choosing appliances from the same design area is very important in order to obtain a neat and unitary aspect, therefore, look for a dishwasher that will match the rest of the appliances like the refrigerator, the microwave, the stove or the coffee machine. A few years ago refrigerators very basic. However, nowadays, they come in a wide variety of designs. If you want to change both your dishwasher and the refrigerator, visit where you will find all the information necessary for choosing an efficient and durable fridge. Follow a certain pattern and choose items of the same style, color, and material and avoid mixing very futuristic appliances made of stainless steel with classic ones with plastic details. Many appliances designers now offer complete lines of matching appliances including stoves, dishwashers, ovens and small counter appliances like toasters or coffee machines, so that you will be able to equip your kitchen with matching items.

Choose a built-in dishwasher model

Built-in dishwashers will save you a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect dishwasher for your kitchen design. This model is inserted inside your kitchen cabinets and fits under your counter top in order to provide a neat look. However, if you don’t want to place the dishwasher near your cabinets, many manufacturers now offer freestanding dishwashers with customized cabinet facing that will match your cabinets no matter where you decide to put it in the kitchen.
Tips for Finding the Right Dishwasher for Your Kitchen Design 2

Pay attention to the details

Make sure you choose a dishwasher with details and finishes that will perfectly match the rest of the décor, to avoid having a digital screen dishwasher in a classic or country style kitchen. Even if this may sound unimportant, small details like the handle, metallic insertions or the button panel are very important if you want to create a unitary aspect.

How to Adapt a Home to the Needs of a Person with Mobility Impairments

People with mobility impairments need special care and help from various devices and equipments that have the purpose of allowing them to move on their own and perform activities they would otherwise be unable to perform. If you suffer from mobility impairments or you have a loved one who is unable to fend for themselves, here are some things you should consider changing around the house in order to assure a normal and reasonable living.

Equipment and mobility aids

In terms of devices that can help a person with mobility impairments, the mobility scooter is a great help when it comes to movement and traveling. The mobility scooters come in various shapes and sizes that are suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage and help disabled people to move around on themselves. There are several types of mobility scooters on the market. In order to make sure that you are choosing the right one, we advise you to read some reviews on

Another useful device is called a stair-lift and allows disabled people to climb up and down the stairs without the risk of falling. Some stairlifts can also be used by people in wheelchairs, because they have special platforms that safely transport wheelchairs and mobility scooters. If you are interested in such a device, read the reviews on in order to see which is the best model.
How to Adapt a Home to the Needs of a Person with Mobility Impairments 1

Adaptation of the house

People with mobility impairments need many changes and adaptations around their houses, such as handrails along the hallways or in the bathrooms so that they can easily use the toilet seat or the bath tub, and adapted kitchen tools like special cutlery or non-spill cups that will allow them to cook and eat. Also, consider replacing the bed with a lower one for easy access, install a raised toilet seat and a walk-in tub, secure the carpets and rugs so that there is no risk of falling, widen the doors for an easy access of the mobility aids, install ramps on every entrance, assure a proper lighting in the entire household and install gas detectors and water-level alerts for safety. Make sure every useful item is in reach so that they won’t have to bend or stretch to anything, locate the bathroom and kitchen close to their bedroom and assure an accessible phone line for emergencies.
How to Adapt a Home to the Needs of a Person with Mobility Impairments 2

Special care

If the person with mobility impairments lives on their own, special care may be required, therefore, you can consider hiring a professional nurse who will take care of the person in need, assure them a proper nutrition and medication, as well as exercise and therapy that can help them regain or improve their mobility. A qualified physiotherapist can also advise you which type of mobility aids are best for each condition.