Spring wedding: beautiful garden décor that will make you swoon

A garden represents the ideal scenery for any event, regardless of the season. However, during spring the nature comes to life: the flowers are in bloom, trees sport new leaves, baby animals abound, the birds return, temperatures are pleasant and people are creative. This is good because when setting up the décor for such an important event, namely a wedding, you need all the creativity you can get. Furthermore, taking into account all the amazing changes happening during the spring season, it is understandable why many couples choose to organize their wedding this time of the year. The main objective that every bride wants to achieve with the wedding décor is to make all guests swoon. Every detail, from table setting to decorative elements must be perfect.

Spring wedding - beautiful garden decor that will make you swoon

Surround yourself with petals when walking down the aisle

First thing that probably comes to your mind when thinking about your weeding day is walking down the aisle. Therefore, you have to make sure that you mown the lawn properly and decide which types of flowers you want to line in order to create a personalized walk for your unforgettable ceremonial debut. You should combine rose petals with river stones for you and your future husband’s path. Even though walking down the aisle represents an exciting moment for you, the reality is that you have to make an excellent impression from the entryway. Since the leaves will become green again, you can use them to write “Welcome” on the doorway or even better, DIY an archway to show your guests that you designed a special entrance just for them.

When the evening comes, use candles to warm the atmosphere

Since we are talking about all things personalized, you should definitely add personalized wedding ribbon to certain areas of your garden. Whether you choose to wrap the chairs with it or use it for flower arrangements, it represents a versatile element that immediately stands out. When the evening pulls the sun down, you will have to find a way to lighten the entire garden. Do not worry because you dispose of the best solution – candles. They create a warm and romantic ambiance perfect for a wedding. However, in order to bring something new to the table, we recommend you to create glass hanging lanterns where you can place each candle. The best part is that you can hang them in tress, put them in the center of the table or in the grass around the garden.

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