Practical Small Garden Design Ideas

When the space dedicated to your garden is not as big as you would want to, all you can do is play with the available resources in order to arrange the garden of your dreams. Here are some small garden design ideas that can turn your small piece of land into an oasis of relaxation.

Decide the purpose your garden will serve

Practical small garden design ideas consist in deciding what you want to arrange in your garden and turn it into a small living room, a dining room or a playground. Keeping in mind that the space is limited, you should make a decision in order to avoid creating a clogged and suffocating place. Second of all, limit the furniture to necessary items such as a table with chairs. Opt for wrought iron sets that are more thin and compact and give elegance to the space.

Practical Small Garden Design Ideas 1

Don’t clog the space with unnecessary items

Limited space also means you will not be able to grow all the plants you would want to and you will have to resist the temptation of buying various species of plants. First, analyze the storage possibilities or if the plants fit the landscape you have in mind and only then you can buy the plants. Also, choose lasting plants that will not clog the space for a season and later to throw them. To delimit the access to your small garden and to highlight as well as possible your little green paradise, you can create a flower arch covered in climbing roses at the entrance of the garden

Practical Small Garden Design Ideas 2

Pay attention to the details

For interesting small garden design ideas, focus on the details and the finishing touches. Create walkways that can be molded in concrete, but for a touch of uniqueness opt for massive, square pieces made of natural stone. The novelty consists of painted boards in discreet shapes of a leaf, flower or pet that can personalize each piece of stone.
One advantage of small gardens is that they are inviting, intimate and romantic if properly accessorized. Do not hesitate to expose decorations, personal items or souvenirs or call for cushions to add comfort, umbrellas to protect you from the sun or mats to delimit the outside area and create the indoor impression. To offer personality to your little garden, accessorize it with small colored bottles you can hang around the garden using a colored thread like some Christmas decorations.
Light is essential for any design, more so in small places. Opt for electric torches or lanterns scattered around the garden. Each evening will become a fairy, in addition that you will get rid of unwanted insects.

Explore the indoor spaces

If you don’t have sufficient space outdoors for all of your gardening ideas, don’t be afraid to explore your indoor spaces. Nowadays, you can find a lot of ideas for growing plants indoors. You can build a vertical garden in your living room, or you can grow your own herbs in pots. If you lack light, look for the best led grow light systems. Based on our own experiences, the best led grow light can sometimes be more nourishing for plants that actual sunlight, especially if it comes from a full spectrum light system. That being said, there is nothing stopping you from growing as many plants as you want indoors or outdoors. With a little creativity, you can even grow your own produce.

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