Office decoration – simple guidelines

You spend a third of your days at your office, so you should make sure the ambiance is as welcoming and inviting as possible. When at the office, everyone expects you to be social, creative and productive, but the truth is that the environment can highly influence your behaviour. The design of the workspace not only impacts your productivity but also affects the way you feel and think.

You aren’t probably conscient on how the surrounding space is influencing your mood, but if it were to ask you what place you’d pick or how you’d paint the walls, you’d probably go with the window spot and white. This is how your brain perceives a productive working space. With half of the workforce being millennials who want to work in relaxing environments, it’s expected employers to adapt their offices to their employees’ needs.

More and more companies are offering the chance to decorate their offices to make them feel more welcoming.

If you are an employer or employee who is looking for some adjustments to make the working space to transform it into a more productive spot, here are our suggestions.

Office decoration

Own the space

You want the space to feel like yours, so you should install a navneskilt bedrift and bring in some picture frames, plants and even a lamp. If you have the ownership of the space, you’ll feel more committed to work, and you’ll boost your productivity with 30%.           

Employers should encourage their staff to bring their offices to life by offering them a budget they can use to make their desks feel more like home.

Adding family photos, canvases and plants are some of the easiest ways to make an office space look cosier.

Plants and windows combine wonderfully

There’s nothing worse that working in a room without windows. The only thing you’ll want when locked in a dark room is to get out and feel the sunrays. You arrive at the office at the sunrise and leave it when it’s almost night, so you see the day light only during weekend.

Employers shouldn’t rent spaces that lack windows because they make people anxious and depressed.

If you handle toxic substances at your workplace, it would be wise to use sikkerhet og forsegling to seal the packages and prevent inhaling them. Plants can also help purifying the air, so you should install them around the room.

Plan the layout

If you don’t want to allow access in some spaces use sikkerhetsetiketter to inform employees the spaces are restricted.

Before you bring any furniture in, ask your employees about their preferences because some might be sensitive to certain colours or surfaces. You have only one shot to transform the working space into a productive environment, and planning can prove helpful. Try to picture where you’ll place the desks, install the storage shelves, and what decorations you want to bring in. Don’t order anything before planning how each room of the office building will look.



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