Nursery decoration without a professional – can you do it the right way?

Most people think that the nursery won’t take much effort to design, simply because that’s the room where your child will be mostly sleeping. Therefore, the utility of the room is not that accentuated into the parent’s life, so they tend not to invest as much effort into decorating it as in other cases. Actually, all parents want from a nursery is represented by functionality and simplicity. There is no need to hire a professional interior designer to put together the decor for a nursery. You just have to carefully select the furniture you are going to include here and some simple color palettes that you find visually soothing. The room will be filled with baby clothes and toys anyway, so don’t worry about additional accessories and decorations. This article should be a useful guide to get you started with this task. Here’s what you need to know:

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Choose the furniture

You should keep in mind what the essentials are when it comes to buying the nursery furniture. First of all, think about items that will make your job easier and your kid more comfortable. The specialists at BabyAXS can help you in that direction by offering you a buying guide for nursery furniture. Primary furniture involves a baby swing for soothing the little one, a crib, a changing table, a dresser and – essential – a comfortable chair for you to sit on. These pieces cannot miss from any nursery and they will later adjust to your child’s age. The crib will transform into a toddler bed, the changing table will become a desk and so on. Plan your budget accordingly.


You may want to make sure that you include plenty of storage room in your nursery. You will have a lot of items that are related to childcare that need storage and keeping them around without getting organized is definitely not a good idea. Maximizing space should be your main goal when decorating the nursery. Creative shelving, under-furniture storage, and toy storage are elements that cannot miss from your nursery.


Once your child starts to crawl around and get curious about each thing he or she sees, it will be difficult to keep accidents away if you won’t babyproof the room. It would be advised to babyproof the whole house during the curious period of your little one, but always start with the nursery. There are numerous methods of babyproofing out there, so you won’t have trouble in finding the one method that suits your situation the best.


Lighting is another very important aspect of decorating a nursery. You need to be careful not to obstruct natural lighting from getting in. Also, invest in creative solutions for a nightlight. Children require dim lighting during the night. As for daylight, make sure it’s not too strong or the opposite. Good lighting is a condition for a child’s deep relaxation and quality sleep. A nursery that’s too dark can affect the child’s vision, and the sudden changes from a powerfully lighted environment to a dark one can lead to serious consequences.

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