Learn how to design a comfortable room for your aging parents

As they age, your parents require more help with shopping or household chores because they’re no longer able to handle certain aspects of their lives. Difficult as it may be to balance work and family life, you need to lend a helping hand. If your loved ones don’t live under the same roof, designing a bedroom is something that demands more planning and consideration. Keep on reading to discover what it takes to create a safe and secure room for your parents to live comfortably for years to come.

Learn how to design a comfortable room for your aging parents

Get rid of the low, platform-style bed

It goes without saying that the bed is the most important component of the room. Eliminate the low-profile bed and get something suitable. As time goes by, it’s harder to sit too low. The bed frame height should be knee-level. To be more precise, your loved ones should be able to put both knees on soundly on the ground and push against the side of the bed with the knees slightly bent. Depending on the height of the elderly, the bed can be anywhere between 25 and 36 inches tall. As far as the mattress is concerned, you can always make modifications.

Use slip-resistant flooring

If you decide to hire privat omsorg at home, it’s necessary to completely restructure the place. As the experts will; suggest, it’s a good idea to eliminate unhealthy elements from the home, such as glues and paints. Most importantly, install flooring that reduces slipperiness. Someone will be by your parents’ side all the time, but that doesn’t guarantee that accidents won’t happen. Elders are at the greatest risk of slipping and falling and developing serious complications. Hjemmehjelp facilities don’t feature tile flooring, but laminates and wood.

Install additional insulation in the walls

You’ll want to keep the noise to a minimum. If it’s too noisy, your parents won’t be able to rest. Think about adding insulation to the walls. Fiberglass insulation reduces the noise coming from outside and inside the home, which is extremely useful if your loved ones live in a high-traffic area or an apartment complex. Spray foam won’t do a great job when it comes down to blocking out the noise. Opt for fiberglass insulation, which also serves as a convenient method of increasing energy efficiency. By installing additional insulation, you guarantee a comfortable climate and noise buffering. If your loved ones use walkers, low-pile carpeting should be installed.

Make the bedroom more spacious

Your aging parents can’t live independently because they need praktisk bistand. Isolation will undoubtedly generate loneliness, so make the time to visit your loved ones. The elderly shouldn’t be separated from their families. There should be enough space to walk around in the bedroom. When designing the layout of the room, avoid the temptation of cramming in too much furniture. A set of chest drawers and a table is enough. To put it simply, you must include minimal pieces of furniture. Focus more on decorating with mood-enhancing colors than furniture. Color is important for homeowners of all ages. 

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