Landscaping project: enhance your garden with gravel

Keeping a garden aesthetically pleasing represents a real challenge taking into account unfavorable growing conditions, hosepipe bans and limited budgets, not to mention about the tedious work. The secret ingredient that can help many homeowners across the world eliminate such inconveniences, enhance the appeal of their outdoor space while ensuring low-maintenance is gravel. Resulted from the crushing of hard-wearing rocks or naturally, due to the erosion of large boulders, weather and river water, it allows road paving and it can also become an integral part of your garden because it comes with invaluable benefits. Even though it does not represent a novelty, using gravel in the garden or backyard is affordable, flexible, sustainable, climate-friendly, not to mention that it exudes an organic feel. Of course, you can opt for bricks and pavers, but you will not obtain the same earthly texture. If you are living in a drought-prone area, then you have another solid reason for exploring sand and gravel suppliers in Kent and creating a strikingly beautiful landscape.

Landscaping project - enhance your garden with gravel

Become familiar with the main types of gravel

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, whether you want to divide flowerbeds, cover high traffic areas or add visual interest to boring areas in your garden, you can find the perfect type of gravel for each idea. Taking into account that landscape architects and gardeners incline towards this option, namely gravel gardening, it would be a shame not to give it a try, especially if you own an old-style home. However, you do have to become familiar with the various types of gravel products, which differ in texture, size and use. For instance, some of them are great for creating pavements while others work better as decorative elements. Shortly, start looking into these three common types of gravel, namely loose, resin-bonded and self-binding. Loose gravel is convenient and easily available, but not the best options if you want to pave steep slopes. On the other hand, resin-bonded gravel is extremely stable and the proof lies in the fact that you can even drive over it without it budging. With self-binding gravel, you can make a solid pavement that will resist bikes or wheelchairs.

Short guide on how to create a gravel garden

When it comes to creating a gravel garden, you have to follow a few mandatory steps, which refer to identifying the perimeter and clearing the area, preparing the soil by digging to allow the air to penetrate, adding fertilizer or compost and raking to prevent lumps. Applying an underlayer becomes fundamental for keeping weeds at bay. We are referring to covering the soil with a weed suppressant membrane and yes, plastic sheets are cheaper, but less efficient. The gravel might scatter if you do not add edging. Plants arrangement must look like small islands next to each other because you want to give them enough space to grow peacefully. Depending on your intentions on using the space and the type of gravel you want to use, go ahead and cover the chosen areas with gravel.


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