Kitchen styling guide – what to look for

No matter if you are thinking about redecorating or you need to decorate a brand new kitchen, you will have to gather some information about style. Decorating is not something anyone can do, even though you can find tips and tricks all around the Internet. Finding inspiration is a great point to start, but you will have to understand how kitchen designing works at a higher level. Worktops, accessories, appliances – you will need to know a little bit about each and every one of them until you create a design that suits both your requirements and your personality. If you simply cannot find inspiration companies like Stefano De Blasio kitchens have years of experience and can advise where to begin; here, they provide a range of ideas that you can use for your kitchen.

Kitchen styling guide - what to look for


This style become really popular during the last few years and it is not expensive at all to obtain it. The industrial style is characterized by metal textures of all nuances and kinds. Exposed brick walls or details around your appliances will also make your kitchen look industrial. Why is this style so loved lately? This is why: it represents the exact significance of cooking, of a working atmosphere where you need to focus on what you have to do rather than spending time around. Utility is the focal point of this style. Functionality is a necessity for any kitchen, but while designing yours as an industrial one you will obtain the very best. Focus on matching worktops and accessories that follow the metalwork pattern.


The cottage style usually includes vintage details like simple, monochromatic furniture that will offer both a visually pleasing effect and functionality. It is a style that surely won’t much of an investment, especially if you are a fan of repurposing things around your house. Simplicity and comfort are two of the main keywords when thinking about cottage style and mostly small kitchens tend to opt out for it.


Modern kitchens are for the people who spend a lot of time in this room – not necessarily for cooking – but for socializing and leisure time too. This style is highly appealing to the eye, being am inviting design, with clear edges and contemporary features. Investing in appliances to fit the way you are going to style a modern kitchen is absolutely paramount. For a modern kitchen, you won’t be able to combine styles. The layout of your final design should consist of glossy surfaces and minimalist shapes.


This style is designed for homes that require a warm, cosy and efficient space for preparing food, eating or savouring a hot beverage. Traditional kitchens allow various combinations, but they are mostly centred on wood or stone patterns, breakfast nooks, diverse curtain fabrics, colour focal points and simple appliances. Marble and brick can be used too in order to emphasize the furniture and other elements in the room. This is the style that will remind the owner to enjoy each and every minute spent in this room, because of the atmosphere it brings to a house.


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