Interior decoration can fight against depression – here’s how

Many people are constantly exposed to stress, which is one major cause behind the apparition of depression. People who are part of Gen Z are more predisposed to slip into severe depressions, as most studies say. The fact that they are afraid of the stigma around getting help in terms of their mental health keeps them from acting against the situation. The mental health problems of teenagers are now a concern, so parents need to get informed about the causes behind these problems and what they can do to relieve them. Every detail count when fighting depression and one of them is represented by interior decor. The ambiance at home can either contribute to the installation of depression or can keep it away.

Interior decoration can fight against depression


The psychology of color is a topic that has been debated for years. The effects of color therapy on the brain seem to be true and it was used since antiquity to treat mental health disorders. Colors have an electromagnetic energy and a frequency that can alter the mood of a person, either positively or negatively. Colors can even generate biochemical reactions. In some cases, depression is correlated to the color palette inside a house. There is a scientific base that nuances such as earthy greens or soft purples relieve depression and change the mood of a person. Blue light is known for its power to reduce depression and its symptoms, while purples deplete bad moods. If you watch movies about depression, you will notice that the color palette used is full of meaning and is carefully selected to transmit certain feelings.

Lighting and greenery

These are two factors that can rapidly change the ambiance inside the house. Good lighting coming directly from the sun is recommended by the National Institute of Health. Dark rooms encourage the installation of depression. Chromotherapy is useful in treating depression or anxiety, so invest in scented candles of different hues for an extra touch. Bringing nature inside the house is also a great option. It is said that greenery absorbs bad energy and transforms the surroundings in less depressing ones. Moreover, taking care of plants is a routine activity that can take your mind away from overthinking. Creating a tranquil space by combining lighting and greenery is a must in any home.  

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