Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

Scandinavian interior decorating ideas don’t restrict to only what IKEA designs wold suggest in their exhibition designs. Here we present to you a few tricks for how to achieve a Scandinavian interior design.

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Dominant light colors

In order to obtain a cozy atmosphere make sure you leave the light colors dominant. For an elegant look choose some long drapes.
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Dominant color contrast

Choose a contrast that you like and repeat it as much as you can for every detail in the room. Gray blue and white would be a good color contrast for a desk.

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Big lamps

Any Scandinavian interior design has special lighting. Using big lamps is a trick for transforming any design into a Scandinavian surrounding.
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Repetitive pattern

Choose one or more repetitive patterns but don’t make them look too obvious. The colors of the chairs give the room a playful air and the pattern on the walls makes a great combination with the pattern on the floor, lamp and the back of every chair.
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Highlights of light

Fix some lamps onto your bookshelves and redirect the light on certain points in the house – paintings, bookshelves or wall patterns. Have a thin, large, light-colored, rectangular carpet in the center of the room and build a nice contrast line on it with the sofa, the tables in the room, the chairs and so on.
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Round Corner Fireplace

Many Scandinavian interior decorating ideas have in common the round corner fireplace. Give it enough space around it and link its style to other objects in the room – by color, design or shape.
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Balance and mirroring effect

Find a central piece that will draw anybody’s attention and mirror it in another plan of the room. If you have a big painting on a wall for example you can mirror its size with the size of the carpet.
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Simple yet impacting decorations

Choose some simple yet impacting decorations to fill the room – if you have a small room to decorate you can style it by placing a really big painting with large patterns and light dominant colors.
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Sauna bathroom

Some Scandinavian interior design ideas for bathrooms imply using the sauna pattern decoration for the walls and ceiling. However, you don’t have to stop here. You can actually integrate a real sauna in your bathroom. On you can find a lot of pre-made home saunas. They come in different sizes, so you shouldn’t have problems finding one suitable for the size of your bathroom.
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Simple, functional and repetitive pattern

For a simply functional bathroom you should choose a repetitive pattern and place some thoughtful repetitive soft details such as little flower vases and similar bottle containers.

We personally love this interior design style as it is very simple, yet incredibly cozy. Click here if you want to read more about the latest interior design trends in order to learn how to decorate your home in a proper manner.

Is the Modern Home Interior Design the Style for You?

The modern home design is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without any complicated details. However, this does not mean that a house designed according to the principles of this style should have a cold, sterile and rigid aspect. Too many people believe that a modern room offers the image of a hospital because of the white and clean surfaces and this is not true. The fact that this style is clean and uncluttered makes it perfect for those who don’t like dusting around and filling their shelves with frills and tiny decorations. If you are among those people, the modern style could be the right style for you.

Which are the colors of the modern interior design

Simplicity, subtlety, texture and clean lines help you to define correctly the modern style and you need to focus on color, space, and form. A modern home design dresses the space in light colors, basically white, with a splash or two of color added in order to keep the balance of the room. Black is often used in wood, tile or vinyl floors and if the walls and windows are painted in pastel colors, the decorations should be in neutral colors.
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What kind of furniture is suitable for the modern style

Architectural details such as high ceilings, simple windows and geometric shapes are very important in order to create a modern home interior design that is not crowded and where the furniture and decorations are few, but they are very well-worth.
The furniture must have geometric shapes and includes pieces with clean lines, smooth shapes, sculptures or surfaces without ornaments, made of light colored wood such as maple with stained glass, steel, nickel or chromium details. The upholstery is black, white or in other neutral tones and is made of natural fibers. The materials such as leather, wool, cotton, silk or jute have a natural and textured aspect. Sofas, chairs, and armchairs are simple, without any decorations and the cushions with geometric shapes have the purpose to bring some color into the room.
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What type of accessories define the modern style

If you are more of an artistic nature, the modern home interior design will suit you perfectly. This style does not allow any little trinkets thrown on top of a shelf and the accessories are more works of art than decorations. An abstract painting or a geometric patterned rug are the perfect items to give color to the space and to create a focal point.