Easy Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

The best contemporary garden design ideas involve focusing on linear designs and bold geometry in order to create an outstanding decor. Since the garden is the foundation of a beautiful and relaxing landscape, we advise you to opt for a streamlined aesthetic style that will help you clear your mind and enter a peaceful mood every time you are admiring the view. Here are some great tips that will help you form an opinion about how your outdoor areas should look.

Easy Contemporary Garden Design Ideas 1

Create an urban space

The main characteristic of modern gardens is their resemblance with an outdoor room. So, in order to understand better what creating a modern garden means, you should try to imagine how a room with a contemporary design would look like without walls. In other words, the space must appear well organized, and it must feel controlled. Based on many contemporary garden design ideas, plants are not very important when it comes to achieving a modern decor, as the most important thing is to create a hardscape. Therefore, you should try to build an environment that must include the following elements:

  • paved areas for creating a visionary urban space;
  • decorative walls;
  • geometrical structures;
  • green plants with well-defined shapes;
  • patio furniture.

Use the right type of accessories

In order to make your garden as stylish as possible, you should use materials like metal, concrete and wood to decorate it. Furthermore, one of the best contemporary garden design ideas implies using weathered corten steel to add some nice accents to the place. Keep in mind that the goal of a modern decor is to create contrast, so we recommend you to use wood elements, as well. You can opt for a wood decking, a simple patio furniture that you can accessorize with orange cushions, and a fire pit filled with blue glass to create a nice contrast. Architectural plants and furnishings with clean lines will add a special touch to the place, so remember to search for garden accessories with interesting textures and structures.

Include a kid-friendly area

Adding a sandpit in your garden represents a great solution for making your yard more functional. Furthermore, creating a small island where your little ones can play will help you enjoy your garden while watching your kids having a great time. The best part is that when your children will outgrow the sandpit, you can transform it into a raised garden box, or you can use it as the base of an abstract sculpture. That will help you add more visual interest to the place.

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