Do You Need A Water Filter in Your Home?

Most people are aware of the consequences of drinking unfiltered tap water, which is why they buy bottled water as a way to avoid ingesting water contaminants. Still, bottled water can be very expensive, and it doesn’t represent the best solution for eliminating all the factors that pose as a risk to your health. For instance, nobody uses bottled water for cooking, as people tend to believe that boiling tap water can eliminate all the impurities that it contains. Still, there are certain contaminants that can resist even to high temperatures, so a water filter is necessary for preparing healthy meals for your family.

Do You Need A Water Filter in Your Home

How can tap water affect the quality of your foods?

Using tap water for making pasta, soups, tea, coffee, and other beverages can alter the taste of your foods. Chlorine is a water contaminant that is used to remove bacteria and germs from your water supply, but its specific smell can affect the quality of your foods. Therefore, although you might drink bottled water, you are exposed to the risk of eating foods that contain a significant number of contaminants. Tap water is a source of many chemicals, from chlorine to lead, fluoride and nitrates. Therefore, you have to search for a water filter that can provide you with healthy, great-tasting water for both drinking and cooking.

How can unfiltered water affect people with sensitive skin?

As we explained before, chlorine is used by municipal water supplies to reduce the number of pathogens that exist in the water. Still, this water treatment can be very harmful for the skin, as it can be absorbed through the pores during showering, and it can lead to painful rashes and irritations. Besides making your skin dry, chlorine can also affect your hair and your eyes, and when it interacts with organic matter that naturally exists in water, it forms disinfectant byproducts, which are very harmful. Although you can put filters on your shower heads, we advise you to opt for a whole house water filter instead. This type of filtration system can deliver safe, clean water through every faucet of your house, allowing you to drink healthy water and bathe in clean water.

If aside from high levels of chlorine, you also deal with hard water, then you should check the latest comparison and reviews of 2016 water softeners. For the best results the water softener and the water filter should be bought from the same manufacturer in order to be compatible. If you are uncertain of whether or not you have hard water, check to see if you have limescale deposits on your bathroom fixtures. If you do, invest in a quality softener as hard water affects not only your bathroom fixtures, but also your appliances and even your health.

How to search for the best water filter?

In order to make sure that your water filter will deliver the best performance, you have to search for a unit that was designed to remove the same type of contaminants that your tap water contains. So, before deciding on a certain model, you need to analyze your local water reports and find out what kind of impurities it contains. After discovering the water pollutants that you are dealing with, you can start searching for a water filter that has the capacity to capture the exact category of chemicals. Start by visiting On this website you will find some very thorough reviews of the best types of water filters.

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