Decorating with clean white

A white room is like a canvas, it invites you to use your imagination and decorate the space. But why using other colours in a fresh room? It will shine brighter if you choose to use only white when decorating it. It is one of the most versatile neutral shades you can work with and it will make the room look stylish and clean. A white room offers the impression of a serene space. Beige for example is considered a boring colour but white allows you to play with textures and pair them in intriguing combinations. There are multiple ways of decorating a white room, and if you consider that an all-white room is too much for you, you can bring pops of warm shades inside with the help of decoration items.

Decorating with clean white

Use a base of white

For a living room, it is advisable to use a solid base of white, because it offers you the possibility to enhance the beauty of the space by using wood items. You can use white for the walls and windows, because you can ask the window provider to paint the window frames in white. If you want to install window treatments then it is advisable to choose white plantation shutters, because they are the most stylish option available on the market, at the present moment. For the floor, you can choose natural wood, because it creates a beautiful contrast with the cleanness of the walls. You can use vintage furniture items to decorate the space in order to make it look more stylish.

How to choose the right white?

Yes, you read it right. There are various types of whites, because they come with multiple undertones. There are cool finishes and there are warm undertones. According to the purpose of the room and the other details like windows, you will have to choose the right variation. If you want to install white shutters, you should opt for the ones that have a yellow undertone because they make the space look warmer. But if the room has multiple windows and there is lots of natural light, then you can choose a cooler shade of white, because it will make the room look balanced.

Decide upon furniture

When having a white room, you have a clean canvas you can work with, but this does not mean that you can bring anything into that room, because it will work. It will not, and it will make the space look chaotic. You should plan how the interior will look, and decide if you want to extend the colour scheme to other shades. It is advisable to choose furniture items that feature clean lines and are made from metallic materials. Metal items make the room have a modern vibe, but at the same time, they offer the impression of a welcoming atmosphere. White rooms should have a rug on the floor because it brings cohesion to the space. When you choose a rug, you should check if it is large enough to stretch underneath the main furniture items, in order to create a balanced look.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a shitload of cash in home makeovers significant overhauls, major renovations and for you to make your house do better. It’s in the little things you’ve ignored in the past that you can start doing. You don’t need expensive plastic surgery to put a beautiful face on your property.

Little home fixes tend to add up, and over time, your home could be transformed into true beauty and boost its value should you want to sell or rent out.

Or you can also decide to do them all at once. Your choice.

Landscaping project - enhance your garden with gravel

Show More Love to Your Lawn

Too often, people only focus on the inside of their properties and pay very little attention outside. But the saying, “first impressions matter” apply, particularly in real estate. A fresh coat of paint for the exterior walls is great, but there’s so much more you can do. Cultivate a small lawn and line them with flowerbeds and shrubs. Ensure sidewalks and driveways are spotless and crack-less.

Once that is done, we can go indoors.

Get Rid of Clutter

When people walk through your house, it’s a good thing to make them envy your space. This is especially important if you’re looking to sell or rent. If your home is full of things all over the place, that’ll not be possible, as clutter has a way of distracting people. No one likes distractions Clean off counters, organize your desk, arrange bookshelves and align furniture; whatever you do, make sure you get rid of all that clutter, and you’ll be able to breathe much more comfortably.

Buy your Home Some Flowers

If you love your home, buying flowers for it can make it love you back. Purchase a few bunches from a flower shop or local store and place in your living room, hallway, and kitchen. Studies have proven that the sight of flowers help improve moods, enhance memory and increases social contact.

Alternatively, you can get lace ribbon flowers from a local décor shop or make them yourself. Add a sprinkle of baby

Bring Light into Your Home

Poor lighting can deemphasize your home’s most attractive features. The funny thing is you don’t even need to spend much in doing so. Swap your old light bulbs for higher watt types. Investing a few dollars in getting new fixtures can brighten things up.

A couple of well-placed lamps and even twinkly lights can change a room’s ambiance for better. For added effect, you can make lace ribbon designs over them to create variety.

Also, try to let in more natural lighting. This will make your home more refreshing to dwell in.

What About Smells?

It’s lovely to focus on sights, but how well does your home smell? But you have to be careful about this. Too little and unpleasant odors will linger; too much it’ll be overpowering. Make use of Reed diffusers to provide a subtle scent. They make for a pretty sight also.

Most people think that the nursery won’t take much effort to design, simply because that’s the room where your child will be mostly sleeping. Therefore, the utility of the room is not that accentuated into the parent’s life, so they tend not to invest as much effort into decorating it as in other cases. Actually, all parents want from a nursery is represented by functionality and simplicity. There is no need to hire a professional interior designer to put together the decor for a nursery. You just have to carefully select the furniture you are going to include here and some simple color palettes that you find visually soothing. The room will be filled with baby clothes and toys anyway, so don’t worry about additional accessories and decorations. This article should be a useful guide to get you started with this task. Here’s what you need to know:

Landscaping project - enhance your garden with gravel

Choose the furniture

You should keep in mind what the essentials are when it comes to buying the nursery furniture. First of all, think about items that will make your job easier and your kid more comfortable. The specialists at BabyAXS can help you in that direction by offering you a buying guide for nursery furniture. Primary furniture involves a baby swing for soothing the little one, a crib, a changing table, a dresser and – essential – a comfortable chair for you to sit on. These pieces cannot miss from any nursery and they will later adjust to your child’s age. The crib will transform into a toddler bed, the changing table will become a desk and so on. Plan your budget accordingly.


You may want to make sure that you include plenty of storage room in your nursery. You will have a lot of items that are related to childcare that need storage and keeping them around without getting organized is definitely not a good idea. Maximizing space should be your main goal when decorating the nursery. Creative shelving, under-furniture storage, and toy storage are elements that cannot miss from your nursery.


Once your child starts to crawl around and get curious about each thing he or she sees, it will be difficult to keep accidents away if you won’t babyproof the room. It would be advised to babyproof the whole house during the curious period of your little one, but always start with the nursery. There are numerous methods of babyproofing out there, so you won’t have trouble in finding the one method that suits your situation the best.


Lighting is another very important aspect of decorating a nursery. You need to be careful not to obstruct natural lighting from getting in. Also, invest in creative solutions for a nightlight. Children require dim lighting during the night. As for daylight, make sure it’s not too strong or the opposite. Good lighting is a condition for a child’s deep relaxation and quality sleep. A nursery that’s too dark can affect the child’s vision, and the sudden changes from a powerfully lighted environment to a dark one can lead to serious consequences.

A garden represents the ideal scenery for any event, regardless of the season. However, during spring the nature comes to life: the flowers are in bloom, trees sport new leaves, baby animals abound, the birds return, temperatures are pleasant and people are creative. This is good because when setting up the décor for such an important event, namely a wedding, you need all the creativity you can get. Furthermore, taking into account all the amazing changes happening during the spring season, it is understandable why many couples choose to organize their wedding this time of the year. The main objective that every bride wants to achieve with the wedding décor is to make all guests swoon. Every detail, from table setting to decorative elements must be perfect.

Spring wedding - beautiful garden decor that will make you swoon

Surround yourself with petals when walking down the aisle

First thing that probably comes to your mind when thinking about your weeding day is walking down the aisle. Therefore, you have to make sure that you mown the lawn properly and decide which types of flowers you want to line in order to create a personalized walk for your unforgettable ceremonial debut. You should combine rose petals with river stones for you and your future husband’s path. Even though walking down the aisle represents an exciting moment for you, the reality is that you have to make an excellent impression from the entryway. Since the leaves will become green again, you can use them to write “Welcome” on the doorway or even better, DIY an archway to show your guests that you designed a special entrance just for them.

When the evening comes, use candles to warm the atmosphere

Since we are talking about all things personalized, you should definitely add personalized wedding ribbon to certain areas of your garden. Whether you choose to wrap the chairs with it or use it for flower arrangements, it represents a versatile element that immediately stands out. When the evening pulls the sun down, you will have to find a way to lighten the entire garden. Do not worry because you dispose of the best solution – candles. They create a warm and romantic ambiance perfect for a wedding. However, in order to bring something new to the table, we recommend you to create glass hanging lanterns where you can place each candle. The best part is that you can hang them in tress, put them in the center of the table or in the grass around the garden.

Do you like spending time in the garden watering and seeding flowers? Do you place a chair outside your house every evening because you want to enjoy the view and admire your efforts of creating a visually pleasant landscape? Do you and your family enjoy having dinner together outside, particularly during the warm season? When the environment looks good and it smells fresh, then you cannot help but allocating at least an hour a day to your little getaway. However, you keep feeling like something is missing. You have a big umbrella for shade, a picnic table for the entire family and a movable grill. Maybe you need to infuse more personality into your outdoor space. After all, it represents an extension of your house and you remember investing a lot of time, patience and money into designing the interior. Therefore, you should go from a basic outdoor environment to a luxurious and unique space during your landscaping project.

The summer approaches - achieve a dreamy outdoor space

Set the budget for the project and tackle the basics

First, you should determine the usage of your outdoor area. Do you want to infuse romance into your garden? Do you want to create a special and fun area for children? Do you want to improve the dining area or would you Heller create a conversation area? Once you establish the exact changes or improvements you want to make, you have to set a decent budget and make a plan. If you have a limited budget, then you will have to put into practice clever ideas that will help you save money during the process, but if you benefit from enough funds then you might even consider hiring a landscape architect. Furthermore, you have to be aware that such a major project takes time and you will not get a completely different outdoor environment overnight. Start with the basics, namely shelter, heating, seating, lighting and cooking equipment. The latter is optional and it only applies if you enjoy cooking or if you intend to organize outdoor parties and provide food for your guests. Kantstein and pavement represent other crucial elements that you have to consider.

Create a conversational area and add a fire

Depending on the region you live in, you might experience high temperatures or wet weather. In both cases, you have to provide shelter for your family, friends and guests. Canopies might prove to be a viable solution, mostly because the combine practicability and style. For the conversation area, you have to place a round table and several comfortable chairs around it. You might create this specific area next to the skifermur if it exudes that luxurious vibe. When the evening comes, but you do not want to go into the house, you have to lighten the space. In this case, you have various options: you can place a few candles on the table, you can create a path in the garden with special outdoor lights or you can just warm up the atmosphere by hanging some lights in the trees. When it comes to heating, adding a fire in the center of your outdoor area will create that romantic ambiance.

If you are bored of the classic gift-wrapping that includes just wrapping paper and nothing else, then these tips are perfect for you, because you will find out new ideas to wrap like a pro. So get all your gifts in one place and start wrapping them, for Christmas is just around the corner.

Tips to master the art of Christmas gift-wrapping

Plaid is always a good idea

Tartan plaid wrapping paper can easily be used all year round for all sorts of gifts, but choosing a red and green coloured one seems to be more appropriate for the festive season.


Do you want to get rid of your old books?

Do not throw away old books if you want to get rid of them. Instead, use them as a wrapping paper for smaller gifts. Not only they will look very cute and unique, but they will also save you some money while being an eco-friendly wrapping choice.


Add some initial ornaments

You can either buy ornaments with initials or make them on your own – it all depends on you. If they are sparkly, then use black or brown wrapping paper.


Oldie but goodie

Maybe you are the type of person who cannot be bothered with wrapping paper. Thus, you can stick to the classic Christmas bags, and your gifts will be ready in no time.


How about wrapping a gift for your music addict friend?

If you cannot find sheet music wrapping paper, then you can enlarge the music on a copier, and print it. Remember to use thick paper if you want your gift to look amazing.


Bows everywhere

If you are not fond of stickers and ribbons, use multiple monochromatic bows to cover the entire top of your gift box.


Polka dots for an elegant touch

If you want to opt for something else rather than plaid, a classic polka dot wrapping paper is a good option. Just remember to only use red ribbon to make it more noticeable.


Add some gift toppers to make the gift stand out more

Gift toppers and stickers are perfect to use when you want to wrap your gifts with brown paper. They add a pop of colour and make the gift stand out. So try using gift toppers that are made from honeycomb paper and you will easily make some unique Christmas baubles. In order to draw the hangers of the baubles, you can use a festive coloured paint pen. Also, try making pom-poms out of yarn. They will look amazing as gift toppers.

Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

If you are looking for some bathroom designs for small bathrooms, you are probably looking for ideas that will highlight the best features of your space. However, try to look beyond the size of your bathroom, because sometimes, the particularities of the room such as – protruding walls, or the length and width proportions of the room are the best details on which you can build a meaningful and well put together design. If you neglect these particularities from the start, your bathroom vision will look quite different in reality. Here are some ideas that can help you with your remodeling project:

Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms Picture Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms Picture

The shower cabin should take a quarter of the space

If you have the long length type of bathroom, it’s advisable to segment your room and place the shower cabin or the bathtub in the back, on the width wall. Choose some transparent glass walls for your water protection and keep the details for walls, tiles, furniture and decorative objects.

Semi-open glass enclosure

If the width wall of your bathroom is bigger than your bathtub, it would be nice to use a semi-open glass water protection wall in order to give the illusion of a bigger room.

Choose Zen colors

Although it’s advisable to use only light colors in tight spaces, as long as you create balance can go for the darker colors too, such as browns. Do some research on Zen bathrooms to see what color combos work best. Don’t keep it too simple and play a little with the tile patterns.

Place some plants in your bathroom

There are many bathroom designs for small bathrooms that encourage placing plants here. Make sure you choose some plants that love the humidity. If you choose to create a shower cabin by simply dividing your bathroom and installing some glass walls, you will have a lot of space where you can take a shower – you can even arrange yourself a little garden there.

Special lighting in your bathroom

Pay attention to the light in your bathroom and inside your shower cabin. If you don’t have any source of natural light, take the opportunity to play with some spots and highlight the features that you like the best in your bathroom.

Work with a team of experts

Last but not least, if you really want to make sure that your bathroom will turn out perfect, you need to work with a team of expert contractors and interior designers. Personally, we recommend KBR Kitchen & Bath, the most reputable bathroom remodel Northern VA company. Their team includes interior designers, architects and contractors, so you will benefit from all the advice and support that you need throughout the entire renovation process.

Practical Kitchen Appliance Layout Ideas

A kitchen is that place where you cook and actually spend lots of precious time with your family. However, sometimes it can get very cluttered. If you are one of those people who likes to invest in the best kitchen tools and appliances, you may find that you lack the storage space for all of them. If you just bought the latest coffee maker or the 2016 best ranked bread-maker, and you don’t know where to put it, we have some tips that will help you save a lot of space. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and take a look at the following practical kitchen appliance layout ideas.

Practical Kitchen Appliance Layout Ideas 1

Go for built-in double oven

If you go for a built-in double oven like the one in the above picture, your whole kitchen will look amazing and you will also save lots of space. This is a fantastic idea for those who have a small kitchen. Moreover, an innovative appliance like this will definitely help you cook delicious meals. This type of built-in device will allow you to have a lot more space in your kitchen, and the whole room will not look cluttered anymore. Therefore, don’t hesitate and choose something like this for your kitchen.

double oven 2

Choose to have a hidden fridge

This is one of the most practical kitchen appliance layout ideas, that will help you save lots of space. Moreover, the whole room will look a lot more spacious and elegant. If you choose an elegant furniture like in this photo as well, then the whole room will certainly not look like an ordinary kitchen. Therefore, dare to be different and go for a hidden refrigerator like the one in the above picture. You will definitely not regret. However, it will be quite funny due to the fact that your friends will not know where your fridge actually is. Keep in mind that an opulent kitchen like this certainly requires some hidden appliances.

hidden fridge

An ingenious cabinet will be a great space saver

An ingenious cabinet like the one in this example could be a wonderful idea, especially if you want to maximize the whole space. You can place in there your coffee machine or other small appliances such as your bread maker. Due to the fact that a device like this is not used very often, you can place it there, leaving this way the kitchen countertop free. If your kitchen is very small, you should buy the 2016 best ranked bread-maker, which is very small and compact. It is very important that you save as much space as you can in your kitchen, in order to have an uncluttered room, yet very practical, where you can find with ease the items you need and enjoy your cooking.

Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen

Every time the sun shines brightly in the sky, you want to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend as much time outdoors as possible. An outdoor kitchen can help you have great moments outdoors while allowing you to prepare delicious meals that you can serve outdoors. For outdoor kitchen designed that re beautiful as they are practical, we give you some creative design ideas to turn your outdoor kitchen into a functional space.
Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen 1

    • Nevertheless, a counter is what you must have in your outdoor kitchen because it provides storage space, working space, and it holds your cooking appliances. You can find great counters at low prices so you can keep your investment to the minimum, just make sure the materials are durable and that they blend into the garden design. A counter covered in stone is the most appropriate choice because it’s fire retardant and lasts in time.
    • Most of the times, the counter is placed on the side of the patio you are designing the kitchen on but if you have a wall you can use, you can place the counter along the wall so you can use it to create extra storage space. Install small matching cabinets on the walls so you will have more place to store your barbecue and eating utensils and dishes.
Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen 2
    • Instead of a stove and oven, opt for a gas grill that is more comfortable and doesn’t require gas pipes. Most of the gas grills you find on the market can be incorporated to kitchen islands so you will create an even design with items that blend perfectly but if your budget doesn’t allow you, you can use it as it is. Choose a quality gas grill made of stainless steel that will last to rust and wear so you won’t have to replace it too often. In order to pick a durable unit, read some gas grill reviews on the website. The reviews will help you compare the sturdiness and the efficiency of the best grills of the moment. A gas grill will offer you plenty of cooking choices and is more convenient that a stove and oven set.
    • Besides the cooking, you will also have to take care of the drinking part and for that, you will need a refrigerator that will keep your beverages cool and fresh. A small refrigerator can be enough for storing your drinks and you can also install a metal container filled with ice so the drinks will be kept chill.
Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen 3
    • If you don’t have enough room for a separate dining area, include it in the cooking area using some tall bar stools placed near the counter or the kitchen island. But if your patio is large enough, design a dining area with cozy chairs and a large table to fit all your friends and family. Here, you can eat, have a morning coffee or play entertaining games.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country home decor ideas are perfect for those who like simplicity, relaxation and want a bohemian ambiance in their house. However, country does not mean plain, ugly or tasteless, on the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to transform chic and stylish items into natural and comfortable ones. Choosing the right appliances for a country kitchen is not easy, as you must equip your kitchen with everything that will provide comfort while keeping a rustic and rudimentary look.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas 1

Use items with natural and old aspect to achieve a rustic look

Having a country kitchen does not mean you must lack any appliances that would ease your work in the kitchen, as you can choose items specially designed to match your country kitchen design ideas. Once you start decorating, consider the colors and the materials you want to use. There are many country home decorating ideas to inspire from and there are some rules you must follow for a genuine decorating process. The country style includes light shades of paint for the walls and darker colors for the furniture. The main fabrics used are natural and ecological, such as wood, stone and metal, and manufacturers use special techniques to make the furniture look old. Use fabrics such as wool, knits or sackcloth for the curtains and tablecloths and avoid sophisticated materials like silk or lace. For a unique design, hang a rectangular wooden frame from the ceiling and display on it your old aspect utensils and metal pots.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas 2

Choose the appliances according to the background

Once you have decided on the furniture, you can start choosing the appliances, according to the background. As the furniture must be wooden and with an aged aspect, the perfect appliances are those that look antique and rustic, such as enameled sheet oven and refrigerator, or copper coffee maker and toaster. Avoid modern details such as stainless steel or digital screens and go for lines of appliances that are specially designed for this type of kitchens. Opt for a sheet stove with an old aspect given by simple knobs or a metal handle from which you can hang a mitten and match the stove with a sheet hood incorporated in the cabinets. Limit the displayed appliances to those that are absolutely necessary such as the oven and refrigerator and mask the other ones behind the cabinets doors. Depending on the country kitchen design ideas you want to apply, you can find on the market old fashion appliances that are perfect for country kitchens: a copper water boiler or toaster, ovens with metal knobs and handles and dishwashers with an old aspect.