If you are bored of the classic gift-wrapping that includes just wrapping paper and nothing else, then these tips are perfect for you, because you will find out new ideas to wrap like a pro. So get all your gifts in one place and start wrapping them, for Christmas is just around the corner.

Tips to master the art of Christmas gift-wrapping

Plaid is always a good idea

Tartan plaid wrapping paper can easily be used all year round for all sorts of gifts, but choosing a red and green coloured one seems to be more appropriate for the festive season.


Do you want to get rid of your old books?

Do not throw away old books if you want to get rid of them. Instead, use them as a wrapping paper for smaller gifts. Not only they will look very cute and unique, but they will also save you some money while being an eco-friendly wrapping choice.


Add some initial ornaments

You can either buy ornaments with initials or make them on your own – it all depends on you. If they are sparkly, then use black or brown wrapping paper.


Oldie but goodie

Maybe you are the type of person who cannot be bothered with wrapping paper. Thus, you can stick to the classic Christmas bags, and your gifts will be ready in no time.


How about wrapping a gift for your music addict friend?

If you cannot find sheet music wrapping paper, then you can enlarge the music on a copier, and print it. Remember to use thick paper if you want your gift to look amazing.


Bows everywhere

If you are not fond of stickers and ribbons, use multiple monochromatic bows to cover the entire top of your gift box.


Polka dots for an elegant touch

If you want to opt for something else rather than plaid, a classic polka dot wrapping paper is a good option. Just remember to only use red ribbon to make it more noticeable.


Add some gift toppers to make the gift stand out more

Gift toppers and stickers are perfect to use when you want to wrap your gifts with brown paper. They add a pop of colour and make the gift stand out. So try using gift toppers that are made from honeycomb paper and you will easily make some unique Christmas baubles. In order to draw the hangers of the baubles, you can use a festive coloured paint pen. Also, try making pom-poms out of yarn. They will look amazing as gift toppers.

Practical Kitchen Appliance Layout Ideas

A kitchen is that place where you cook and actually spend lots of precious time with your family. However, sometimes it can get very cluttered. If you are one of those people who likes to invest in the best kitchen tools and appliances, you may find that you lack the storage space for all of them. If you just bought the latest coffee maker or the 2016 best ranked bread-maker, and you don’t know where to put it, we have some tips that will help you save a lot of space. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and take a look at the following practical kitchen appliance layout ideas.

Practical Kitchen Appliance Layout Ideas 1

Go for built-in double oven

If you go for a built-in double oven like the one in the above picture, your whole kitchen will look amazing and you will also save lots of space. This is a fantastic idea for those who have a small kitchen. Moreover, an innovative appliance like this will definitely help you cook delicious meals. This type of built-in device will allow you to have a lot more space in your kitchen, and the whole room will not look cluttered anymore. Therefore, don’t hesitate and choose something like this for your kitchen.

double oven 2

Choose to have a hidden fridge

This is one of the most practical kitchen appliance layout ideas, that will help you save lots of space. Moreover, the whole room will look a lot more spacious and elegant. If you choose an elegant furniture like in this photo as well, then the whole room will certainly not look like an ordinary kitchen. Therefore, dare to be different and go for a hidden refrigerator like the one in the above picture. You will definitely not regret. However, it will be quite funny due to the fact that your friends will not know where your fridge actually is. Keep in mind that an opulent kitchen like this certainly requires some hidden appliances.

hidden fridge

An ingenious cabinet will be a great space saver

An ingenious cabinet like the one in this example could be a wonderful idea, especially if you want to maximize the whole space. You can place in there your coffee machine or other small appliances such as your bread maker. Due to the fact that a device like this is not used very often, you can place it there, leaving this way the kitchen countertop free. If your kitchen is very small, you should buy the 2016 best ranked bread-maker, which is very small and compact. It is very important that you save as much space as you can in your kitchen, in order to have an uncluttered room, yet very practical, where you can find with ease the items you need and enjoy your cooking.

Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen

Every time the sun shines brightly in the sky, you want to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend as much time outdoors as possible. An outdoor kitchen can help you have great moments outdoors while allowing you to prepare delicious meals that you can serve outdoors. For outdoor kitchen designed that re beautiful as they are practical, we give you some creative design ideas to turn your outdoor kitchen into a functional space.
Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen 1

    • Nevertheless, a counter is what you must have in your outdoor kitchen because it provides storage space, working space, and it holds your cooking appliances. You can find great counters at low prices so you can keep your investment to the minimum, just make sure the materials are durable and that they blend into the garden design. A counter covered in stone is the most appropriate choice because it’s fire retardant and lasts in time.
    • Most of the times, the counter is placed on the side of the patio you are designing the kitchen on but if you have a wall you can use, you can place the counter along the wall so you can use it to create extra storage space. Install small matching cabinets on the walls so you will have more place to store your barbecue and eating utensils and dishes.
Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen 2
    • Instead of a stove and oven, opt for a gas grill that is more comfortable and doesn’t require gas pipes. Most of the gas grills you find on the market can be incorporated to kitchen islands so you will create an even design with items that blend perfectly but if your budget doesn’t allow you, you can use it as it is. Choose a quality gas grill made of stainless steel that will last to rust and wear so you won’t have to replace it too often. In order to pick a durable unit, read some gas grill reviews on the gasgrills.best website. The reviews will help you compare the sturdiness and the efficiency of the best grills of the moment. A gas grill will offer you plenty of cooking choices and is more convenient that a stove and oven set.
    • Besides the cooking, you will also have to take care of the drinking part and for that, you will need a refrigerator that will keep your beverages cool and fresh. A small refrigerator can be enough for storing your drinks and you can also install a metal container filled with ice so the drinks will be kept chill.
Creative Ideas for a Functional Outdoor Kitchen 3
    • If you don’t have enough room for a separate dining area, include it in the cooking area using some tall bar stools placed near the counter or the kitchen island. But if your patio is large enough, design a dining area with cozy chairs and a large table to fit all your friends and family. Here, you can eat, have a morning coffee or play entertaining games.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country home decor ideas are perfect for those who like simplicity, relaxation and want a bohemian ambiance in their house. However, country does not mean plain, ugly or tasteless, on the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to transform chic and stylish items into natural and comfortable ones. Choosing the right appliances for a country kitchen is not easy, as you must equip your kitchen with everything that will provide comfort while keeping a rustic and rudimentary look.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas 1

Use items with natural and old aspect to achieve a rustic look

Having a country kitchen does not mean you must lack any appliances that would ease your work in the kitchen, as you can choose items specially designed to match your country kitchen design ideas. Once you start decorating, consider the colors and the materials you want to use. There are many country home decorating ideas to inspire from and there are some rules you must follow for a genuine decorating process. The country style includes light shades of paint for the walls and darker colors for the furniture. The main fabrics used are natural and ecological, such as wood, stone and metal, and manufacturers use special techniques to make the furniture look old. Use fabrics such as wool, knits or sackcloth for the curtains and tablecloths and avoid sophisticated materials like silk or lace. For a unique design, hang a rectangular wooden frame from the ceiling and display on it your old aspect utensils and metal pots.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas 2

Choose the appliances according to the background

Once you have decided on the furniture, you can start choosing the appliances, according to the background. As the furniture must be wooden and with an aged aspect, the perfect appliances are those that look antique and rustic, such as enameled sheet oven and refrigerator, or copper coffee maker and toaster. Avoid modern details such as stainless steel or digital screens and go for lines of appliances that are specially designed for this type of kitchens. Opt for a sheet stove with an old aspect given by simple knobs or a metal handle from which you can hang a mitten and match the stove with a sheet hood incorporated in the cabinets. Limit the displayed appliances to those that are absolutely necessary such as the oven and refrigerator and mask the other ones behind the cabinets doors. Depending on the country kitchen design ideas you want to apply, you can find on the market old fashion appliances that are perfect for country kitchens: a copper water boiler or toaster, ovens with metal knobs and handles and dishwashers with an old aspect.

The Most Incredible Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

When it comes to apartment interior design ideas, space is the biggest concern. Although you may not believe this, small rooms can look as amazing as larger spaces when decorated accordingly. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop to a practical design when there are so many tricks that you can use to create a place that is both functional and incredibly good looking. Furthermore, if you want to make your tiny living room perfect for receiving guests, you should consider the following small apartment living room ideas.

The Most Incredible Small Apartment Living Room Ideas 1

Turn the TV into a focal point

If you want to add more visual interest to your living room, we recommend you to hang colorful paneled artwork behind the TV. That will help you frame your television and create a unique decor, but it will also allow you to make the room look more cheerful. In order to make the place more functional, we advise you to mount the TV on the wall and use the console beneath it for storage purposes. Moreover, you can use the console as a serving surface when having friends over.

Use floating shelves to save more floor space

Most of the small apartment living room ideas focus on saving as much floor space as possible because only that way the place will look uncluttered and easy to use. Therefore, we advise you to use floating shelves to display beautiful decorative objects, meaningful mementos, and pictures with inspirational messages. Staggering the shelves will help you add a modern touch to your living room, and create a contemporary design. Furthermore, we recommend you to consider simple, basic shelves that can go with anything because you don’t need beautiful shelves when you can use beautiful ornaments to make them look more attractive.

Create a fun entry

If your apartment doesn’t have a designated entry, and you enter directly into the living room when getting inside the apartment, you have to add more structure to the place. One of the best small apartment living room ideas implies creating an entry by using a bookcase on which you can attach hooks for hanging coats. We suggest adding enough hooks on the sides of the bookcase to hang hats, umbrellas, and leashes. In order to make this entry look more attractive, you should enhance the bottom shelves with small drawers and baskets for storing sunglasses, keys and anything else that you need to take with you when going outdoors.

Make the place look bigger with mirrors

As you probably realized by now, the best apartment interior design ideas are the ones that create the illusion of a bigger space. Everyone knows that mirrors can work wonders when it comes to making a small place look bigger, but not all people know how to use them in order to obtain the best results. This decorating trick is more effective when placing a large mirror across from a window, because that way it will reflect light better, and it will give the impression of a larger room.

Futuristic Coffee Makers for Modern Kitchens

We present to you some futuristic coffee makers that would easily fit in any modern kitchen. All of them have beautiful designs and some are even able to brew your favorite cup of coffee just by recognizing your fingerprint.

Keurig Desktop Brewing System 2

Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Coffee Center

This automatic coffee center system has an intelligent system that links your personal preferences to your fingerprints. You only need to press your finger on the coffee machine and your fingerprint will be translated into your favorite coffee. The machine will know by itself to select what coffee you preferred to drink last time when you have used it. It’s understandable that you pay a big price for this futuristic function. It costs around $2900 and it’s able to brew a perfect coffee for you from your saved settings. If you come to think about it, it would be the perfect coffee maker not only for a single family but for a whole building floor too!

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Keurig Desktop Brewing System

This coffee maker comes with Energy Savings Mode – Auto Off. It represents the perfect desktop coffee maker that could easily fit in any kitchen that has limited counter space. Customers who have bought it say this machine is able to give them a perfect cup of coffee every time they use it. If you order it on Amazon you can have this beauty at home for only $70, with shipping included if you order it on Amazon.

Bosch Tassimo

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

The Nespresso machine is special for the feature that it has easy insertion and ejection of capsules. It costs around $100 to be able to enjoy a famous Nespresso cup. It also has the Automatic power-off feature which makes it turn off by itself after 9 minutes of inactivity. It has a perfectly ergonomic design, it has tiny footprint, it’s lightweight, it’s compact and it easily fits into any environment. It’s interesting to see that if you bought such product you would benefit of a special client service from the company – the Nespresso Club and its Specialists are with you all the steps of the way in order to make the installation more easier for you.

Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Coffee Center

Bosch Tassimo

This coffee maker costs around $80. It is able to prepare Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso. It has some special features such as height adjustment for your cup, removable cup stand, automatic cleaning and descaling and splash cover. It comes in a stylish compact system, it is designed as an eco-friendly on-demand water heater.

As you can see, nowadays, appliances are a lot more versatile than they used to be. This happens due to the fact that people are a lot more interested nowadays in their kitchen’s interior designs. Nevertheless, remember that when it comes to all appliances, efficiency must always come before design. Therefore, you should read some reviews of the appliances that caught your attention.

Minimalist Infrared Heaters for Modern Homes

Infrared heaters are becoming more popular then conventional heaters because they are more safe to use and energy efficient. Furthermore, these devices will keep you warm throughout the cold months of winter. Nowadays, the design of infrared heaters has been enhances, as to suit any type of home. If you want to install an infrared heater in your contemporary home without ruining the decor, you can opt for a minimalist and stylish infrared heaters. In this article, we’ll guide through some of the most popular infrared heaters for modern homes. Take a look at these beautiful and classy infrared heaters.

Mirror infrared heaters

Minimalist Infrared Heaters for Modern Homes 1
Mirror infrared panels are the best infrared heater units for modern homes as they can be placed in any room of the house. These beautiful infrared heaters have a stylish design that can enhance the decor of any modern home. Furthermore, as you already know, this is a clever way to make the heater completely unnoticeable. Generally speaking, conventional infrared heater are bulky and are hard to integrate into a classy living room or bedroom. That’s where infrared mirrors come in handy. You can choose to place them wherever you like. Don’t be afraid to place them in the bathroom. You won’t have to worry about any steam coming out any soon.

Infrared picture panels

Minimalist Infrared Heaters for Modern Homes 2
For those of you who can’t imagine a home without wall decorations, the best infrared heater units for you are the infrared picture panels. The decor in a modern room can be enhanced with the help of a beautiful picture hanging on the wall. So why not decorate the interior in your own personal style? A great thing we like about infrared picture heaters is that most of them are designer panels, this means you choose to customized them according to your preference. Give free rein to your imagination and choose to have a stylish infrared heater that features a photo with you and your family or a souvenir from your favorite holiday.

Wooden portable heaters

Minimalist Infrared Heaters for Modern Homes 3
One thing that we like about portable infrared heaters is that it is extremely easy to transport them from one room to another without a great deal of effort. This wooden portable heater is not as minimalist as our other two choices but you’ll definitely fall in love with the design and features of this efficient infrared heater. This stylish infrared heater from Italian brand I-radium can be used as an infrared heater bed for your pets because it contains many elements inspired from cat furniture. Furthermore, we like that the design is similar to a side table or an ottoman. Therefore you can easily integrate it in your modern interior decor.

Is the Modern Home Interior Design the Style for You?

The modern home design is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without any complicated details. However, this does not mean that a house designed according to the principles of this style should have a cold, sterile and rigid aspect. Too many people believe that a modern room offers the image of a hospital because of the white and clean surfaces and this is not true. The fact that this style is clean and uncluttered makes it perfect for those who don’t like dusting around and filling their shelves with frills and tiny decorations. If you are among those people, the modern style could be the right style for you.

Which are the colors of the modern interior design

Simplicity, subtlety, texture and clean lines help you to define correctly the modern style and you need to focus on color, space, and form. A modern home design dresses the space in light colors, basically white, with a splash or two of color added in order to keep the balance of the room. Black is often used in wood, tile or vinyl floors and if the walls and windows are painted in pastel colors, the decorations should be in neutral colors.
Interior Design the 2

What kind of furniture is suitable for the modern style

Architectural details such as high ceilings, simple windows and geometric shapes are very important in order to create a modern home interior design that is not crowded and where the furniture and decorations are few, but they are very well-worth.
The furniture must have geometric shapes and includes pieces with clean lines, smooth shapes, sculptures or surfaces without ornaments, made of light colored wood such as maple with stained glass, steel, nickel or chromium details. The upholstery is black, white or in other neutral tones and is made of natural fibers. The materials such as leather, wool, cotton, silk or jute have a natural and textured aspect. Sofas, chairs, and armchairs are simple, without any decorations and the cushions with geometric shapes have the purpose to bring some color into the room.
Interior Design the 1

What type of accessories define the modern style

If you are more of an artistic nature, the modern home interior design will suit you perfectly. This style does not allow any little trinkets thrown on top of a shelf and the accessories are more works of art than decorations. An abstract painting or a geometric patterned rug are the perfect items to give color to the space and to create a focal point.

Tips for Finding the Right Dishwasher for Your Kitchen Design

Decorating the kitchen is more than choosing colors and fabrics, it’s about mixing and matching them in such way that the results will be pleasant and homogenous, and finding the right decorations and appliances that will match the design style. In order to find the right dishwasher for your kitchen design, you must consider certain aspects of the background and you will definitely be able to choose the right model.

Decide which design style you will use for your kitchen

The first step in choosing any decorations, as well as the appliances, is to decide on the decorating style you will have in your kitchen. From classic to modern, country or futuristic, you have plenty of decision to make regarding the colors and the materials you will use. Once you have decided on the style, you can search for modern and stylish dishwashers that will go along with a modern kitchen, a digital stainless steel dishwasher for a futuristic design, or a classic enameled sheet dishwasher with old fashion buttons for a country kitchen.
Bosch Home Appliances during Modernism Week on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in Palm Springs, CA. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision for Bosch/AP Images) Bosch Home Appliances during Modernism Week on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in Palm Springs, CA. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision for Bosch/AP Images)

Analyze various models

Before you decide on a particular model, you should read several dishwasher reviews. Reviews will help you better understand the features of a dishwasher and they will also help you compare different models. There are various websites that feature dishwasher reviews, but from our research, bestdishwasher.reviews seems to be like the best one as it as unbiased, easy to understand reviews.

Match the dishwasher with the rest of the appliances

Choosing appliances from the same design area is very important in order to obtain a neat and unitary aspect, therefore, look for a dishwasher that will match the rest of the appliances like the refrigerator, the microwave, the stove or the coffee machine. A few years ago refrigerators very basic. However, nowadays, they come in a wide variety of designs. If you want to change both your dishwasher and the refrigerator, visit bestrefrigerator.reviews where you will find all the information necessary for choosing an efficient and durable fridge. Follow a certain pattern and choose items of the same style, color, and material and avoid mixing very futuristic appliances made of stainless steel with classic ones with plastic details. Many appliances designers now offer complete lines of matching appliances including stoves, dishwashers, ovens and small counter appliances like toasters or coffee machines, so that you will be able to equip your kitchen with matching items.

Choose a built-in dishwasher model

Built-in dishwashers will save you a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect dishwasher for your kitchen design. This model is inserted inside your kitchen cabinets and fits under your counter top in order to provide a neat look. However, if you don’t want to place the dishwasher near your cabinets, many manufacturers now offer freestanding dishwashers with customized cabinet facing that will match your cabinets no matter where you decide to put it in the kitchen.
Tips for Finding the Right Dishwasher for Your Kitchen Design 2

Pay attention to the details

Make sure you choose a dishwasher with details and finishes that will perfectly match the rest of the décor, to avoid having a digital screen dishwasher in a classic or country style kitchen. Even if this may sound unimportant, small details like the handle, metallic insertions or the button panel are very important if you want to create a unitary aspect.

Cute Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

The variety of easy baby nursery decorating ideas can offer you plenty of options for enhancing your child’s room. Since every parent appreciates budget-friendly tips or affordable projects that they can do at home, we have prepared a guide that will help you make the most of your little one’s room. Furthermore, it is quite simple to use things that you find around the house to give a little bit of character to a place. Therefore, we guarantee you that you will be surprised to see that the smallest touches and details can change the entire aspect of a room.

Cute Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas 4

Opt for a cute humidifier design

Most home decorating blogs focus on design when it comes to the nursery and neglect the functional items that are neccesary in this room. Most parents use a humidifier to ease their child’s congestion and help him breathe without difficulties. So why shouldn’t you opt for a cool-mist humidifier that features a funny design? Based on the large models that exist on the market, you can choose between humidifiers that resemble cute animals, such as giraffes, elephants, penguins and pandas, or you can search for devices that look like flowers, or cartoon characters.

Decorate the mirror

Although you may not believe this, even the simplest elements can help you create a spectacular house design when they are used in a creative way. Therefore, you should use the easiest baby nursery decorating ideas to make the room look more cheerful and attractive. One of the most affordable decorating tricks involves using a personalized banner to decorate the mirror. A banner with your child’s name, or a colorful bunting can really make a difference in the room, as it can make it look more welcoming and warm.

Use holiday lights to create a magical ambiance

Home decorating blogs us holiday lights in order to add a touch of magic to any area, be it a garden or even the nursery. Holiday lights can make a pretty nightlight, but more important, they will bring a magical touch to the place. So, hanging them in the room represents one of the best baby nursery decorating ideas, especially since they add so much detail to the room.

Create an exposed closet

Make the most of a small, blank wall by creating an exposed closet on it. In order to add a visual interest to the room, you can use a regular bookshelf for two purposes: for storage and as a place to sit. That way you will end up with a nice bench that can also be used for storing shoe boxes or toys. Furthermore, we recommend you to use a curtain rod for hanging your baby’s cute little outfits and for making the place more colorful.