Decorating with clean white

A white room is like a canvas, it invites you to use your imagination and decorate the space. But why using other colours in a fresh room? It will shine brighter if you choose to use only white when decorating it. It is one of the most versatile neutral shades you can work with and it will make the room look stylish and clean. A white room offers the impression of a serene space. Beige for example is considered a boring colour but white allows you to play with textures and pair them in intriguing combinations. There are multiple ways of decorating a white room, and if you consider that an all-white room is too much for you, you can bring pops of warm shades inside with the help of decoration items.

Decorating with clean white

Use a base of white

For a living room, it is advisable to use a solid base of white, because it offers you the possibility to enhance the beauty of the space by using wood items. You can use white for the walls and windows, because you can ask the window provider to paint the window frames in white. If you want to install window treatments then it is advisable to choose white plantation shutters, because they are the most stylish option available on the market, at the present moment. For the floor, you can choose natural wood, because it creates a beautiful contrast with the cleanness of the walls. You can use vintage furniture items to decorate the space in order to make it look more stylish.

How to choose the right white?

Yes, you read it right. There are various types of whites, because they come with multiple undertones. There are cool finishes and there are warm undertones. According to the purpose of the room and the other details like windows, you will have to choose the right variation. If you want to install white shutters, you should opt for the ones that have a yellow undertone because they make the space look warmer. But if the room has multiple windows and there is lots of natural light, then you can choose a cooler shade of white, because it will make the room look balanced.

Decide upon furniture

When having a white room, you have a clean canvas you can work with, but this does not mean that you can bring anything into that room, because it will work. It will not, and it will make the space look chaotic. You should plan how the interior will look, and decide if you want to extend the colour scheme to other shades. It is advisable to choose furniture items that feature clean lines and are made from metallic materials. Metal items make the room have a modern vibe, but at the same time, they offer the impression of a welcoming atmosphere. White rooms should have a rug on the floor because it brings cohesion to the space. When you choose a rug, you should check if it is large enough to stretch underneath the main furniture items, in order to create a balanced look.

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