Can High Humidity Destroy Your Furniture

Differences of temperature between indoor and outdoor, the formation of steam or drying clothes in a room are factors that encourage high humidity. Mold is the result of high humidity level inside your house and can manage to affect both your health by weakening the breathing system, and the aspect of your house by damaging the walls, the upholstery and the furniture.
Usually, mold destroys any porous material it meets, and unfortunately a simple repainting of the walls will not solve the problem, as mold can infiltrate inside your furniture, in the carpets or the clothes in your wardrobe. Before fighting mold, you must discover what caused it in the first place and eliminate the main source, which can be an outside wall that attracts humidity, a faulty plumbing system or inside factors such as steam and vapors.
Can High Humidity Destroy Your Furniture 2

Mold can seriously affect your furniture

Once mold has made its way to your furniture, the degrading process will follow its course. The paint will start to peel off, the wood will start to crack and the smell will become unbearable. Cabinets, wardrobes and drawers that are placed near moldy walls suffer the most, but sofas and chairs can also be damaged by mold, as it can infiltrate in the upholstery. In order to avoid high humidity and mold to destroy your furniture, you must determine what causes it and take measures to fix the problem.

Carefully clean your house

The first thing you must do is thoroughly clean your house and throw away any items that might maintain humidity, such as papers and cardboards. Then check if there is a damaged water pipe and fix any plumbing malfunction. Also, take away plants from areas affected by mold, as flower pots can encourage humidity.
After eliminating potential mold causes, clean the surface with chlorine or special solutions you can find in stores. Avoid rubbing the surface to keep the mold spores from spreading in the air, instead spray the solution on the area. Insist on the back of the furniture and inside the shelves, in the corners, where mold may persist.
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Use a dehumidifier to fight air humidity

A great way to fight mold is to place a dehumidifier in the room that is likely to develop high humidity. If you read some dehumidifier reviews 2015, you will see that these devices are the best way of fighting indoor humidity. They are designed to take the humidity from the air and protect your building, your furniture, and your health. The moist air is absorbed by an integrated fan inside the dehumidifier, passed over a surface cooled by the refrigerant which produces condense. The moisture freezes on the very cold elements and the dry air is released into the room by 1-2 degrees warmer than it was absorbed, using waste heat from the compressor. The defrost water is collected in the dehumidifier’s container.

Each dehumidifier is provided with a float which automatically stops the machine in case that the tank is full, eliminating any possibility of flooding. Since there are several models on the market, we advise you to read the latest dehumidifier reviews 2015 so that you can make an informed decision when buying such a device.

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