Best Rated French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are large units that have multiple doors and a pullout freezer drawer to offer you enough storage space to meet the needs of large families. Although they are massive appliances, the fact that they have twin doors that require less space to swing the doors makes these refrigerators perfect for any size kitchen. Here you will find two of the top rated french door refrigerators 2015 that combine the stylish design with the latest features in terms of food storage.
Best Rated French Door Refrigerators 1

Samsung RF4287 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF4287 is a beautifully designed appliance that comes in a variety of finishes like stainless platinum, stainless steel, black or white, so you will have where to choose from to match your kitchen. This Samsung french door refrigerator is a four door model that has something more than other models, which is an extra drawer, which makes it even more spacious. This appliance meets the needs of those who like to have their food organized in a low consuming refrigerator. The handy drawer allows you to minimize the cold air loss by keeping your favorite foods in there, so you will not open the doors so often. Also, the fact that the drawer is counter height makes it accessible to every member of the family, which can e a good or a bad thing depending on what you decide to store in the drawer. With a capacity of 28 cu. ft. , you will have enough storage room for all your goodies and the 7.7 cu. ft. bottom freezer is also large enough for the frozen food. You will also enjoy a water and ice dispenser on the front door along with a LED temperature display that also tells you when to change the filter, so you will not forget about this little maintenance aspect.
Best Rated French Door Refrigerators 2

GE Café Energy Star 25 cu. ft. French-Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator CFSP5RKBSS

The total capacity of 25.1 cu. ft. of this french door refrigerator offers you plenty of storage room and minimizes the door swing in a busy kitchen while still letting you enjoy a stylish bottom freezer design. The stainless steel finish and the beautiful design give this model a sleek aspect, while the interior offer you all the essentials in terms of food storage with the help of some of the best features that maintain freshness. There are 5 shelves in the 17.4 cu. ft. refrigerator, a QuickSpace shelf for easy storage, three of the shelves are slide-out and spill-proof for maximum comfort and the door also features three shelves, including a can rack and two adjustable gallon bins. The refrigerator features an in-the-Door ice maker that saves storage space in the interior and also has a Ramp-up lighting system for better visibility, along with a ClimateKeeper system that controls humidity in the two crisper drawers and reduce spoilage. The model also allows you to adjust the temperature and the deli drawer makes food accessible and easy to see.

We hope that you liked the two refrigerators presented above and that they suit your needs. If you wish to compare them with similar models visit On this website, you can read numerous refrigerator reviews so that you can be certain that you are buying the fridge with the best price to quality ratio.

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