Benefits of Owning a State of the Art Dishwasher

Owning a state of the art dishwasher has so many benefits. Either you choose a shorter in depth dishwasher in order to fit your space requirements in your kitchen or you choose a full size dishwasher in order to maximize the efficiency when you wash the dishes, make sure that the model that you select to buy has some state of the art features.

Benefits of Owning a State of the Art Dishwasher 1

Cleaning Ability

The latest generation dishwashers are able to better clean the dishes. They have more angles where the water sprays from. The more levels they have the more water sprays they will have. It’s advisable to choose a dishwasher that has at least three levels. Some dishwashers have for the third rack a bendable silverware tray which is able to make the loading and unloading the silverware more easier for you. The more wash power the dishwasher has, the better they will clean the dishes. The more spray arms and number of jets a dishwasher has, the better. The best products that have a very good washing coverage allow the water to get in every corner of the dishwasher, not only in its central part. The latest innovation in dishwashers is the quad blade wash arm which is a rotary moving arm that splashes powerful jets in every direction inside the dishwasher. The dishwasher manufacturers have improved the wash arm and made it able to reverse its direction. The number of cycles of the dishwasher is not so important since the best rated dishwashers range between having 5 and 9 cycles. You should be interested in a model that offers at least a light cycle, a regular wash cycle, pots and pans and energy saver. State of the art cycles may be quick wash, sanitize and rinse only and glass/stemware. These features will make you pay more money at the beginning but you will recover your investment in time by prolonging the life of your dishwasher.


The best choice would be a dishwasher that has three rack system with one on top detachable so you can make room for larger pots, platters and pans whenever you need.

Delay start and quiet run

The latest generation dishwashers allow you to program them for when to start the washing cycle. This way you don’t have to be right beside them when they start. This feature is nice for the situation when you have guests and you want to keep in mind to wash the dishes but you don’t want to drown out conversation when you’re done. Some models are very quiet when they run. Some dishwasher owners say their appliances are so quiet that they don’t even know they are running.

Durable interior

The latest generation dishwashers don’t have the cavity made of plastic but of durable stainless steel. However the durable interior doesn’t improve the performance of the dishwasher but it prolongs its life. What you should really be looking for is a stainless steel spray arms – this would be a good investment.

Energy efficiency

Washing the dishes by hand is not as efficient as washing the dishes with a dishwasher. Big dishwashers that have a lot of cleaning room use less electricity and less water than hand washing – about 6 gallons per load. The latest generation dishwashers have earned an EnergyStar, which is the highest rating that a product can earn for energy efficiency. Some models have energy-saving cycles that cut consumption for a half load.

As you can see, the latest dishwasher models come with a lot more features than the older models. In order to make sure that you are making the right choice when buying a new dishwasher, visit a website which specializes in dishwasher reviews. We personally recommend because its simple reviews highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each dishwasher model.

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