Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

If you are looking for some bathroom designs for small bathrooms it means that you want to find a nice design that will highlight the best features of your house. Don’t only look at the size of your bathroom, sometimes the particularities of the room such as – protruding walls, the length and width proportions of the room are the best details on which you can build a meaningful and well put together style. If you neglect these particularities from the beginning you will find that what you thought that you could do in your bathroom doesn’t correspond with the reality at all.
Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms 1

Shower Cabin Big as a Quarter of the Bathroom

If you have the long length type of bathroom it’s advisable to segment your room and place the shower cabin or the bathtub in the back, on the width wall. Choose some transparent glass walls for your water protection and keep the details for walls, tiles, furniture and decorative objects.


Semi-open Glass Water Protection Wall

If the width wall of your bathroom is bigger than your bathtub, it would be nice to use a semi-open glass water protection wall in order to give the illusion of a big room.


Choose colors to match the Zen Design

Although it’s advisable to use only light bright colors in tight spaces, as long as you create balance creating a zen design you can go for the darker colors too, such as browns. Don’t keep it too simple and play a little with the pattern of the tiles.


If you want to keep it simple

Still, if you like to keep it simple and clean, you can use an extremely light purple color for the walls. Try to choose wisely the place where you want to place your towel holders.


Placing plants in your bathroom

There are many bathroom designs for small bathrooms that encourage placing plants here. Make sure you choose some plants that love the humidity. If you choose to create a shower cabin by simply dividing your bathroom and installing some glass walls, you will have a lot of space where you can take a shower – you can even arrange yourself a little garden there. The plants will exhilarate the atmosphere in your bathroom.


Space saving tricks

A step-in shower cabin characterizes the bathroom designs for small bathrooms.

Beautiful Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms 2

Special lighting in your bathroom

Pay attention to the light in your bathroom and inside your shower cabin. If you don’t have any source of natural light, take the opportunity to play with some spots and highlight the features that you like the best in your bathroom.

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