The days are getting colder, the sun is shinning less, and the nights are longer. You want to spend the chilly days hidden under blankets, but before you can do it, prepare your home for winter.

As the cold season is getting closer, it’s essential to determine what damage winter can do to your house, and look for ways to prevent it. The extreme freeze that hits your house during the cold season can cost you a lot if your house is left unsecure. It’s not just frozen pipes you can deal with during the winter, but many other issues cold temperatures can cause. Here is a list of precautions to take to make sure that you have a comfortable stay inside your house during this winter.


Roof insulation

If you haven’t insulated your roof until now, it’s the moment to do it because a quarter of the heat is lost through the roof, when it lacks insulation. Roof installation traps heat inside the house and lowers your energy bill. It’s best to get over 27cm amount of insulation for houses located in the cold areas.

If you already insulated your roof, you may want to invest in a boligalarm to prevent burglars from breaking into your house when you’re away.  

Get a carbon monoxide alarm

During the winter you’ll use more household appliances (boilers, heaters, cookers, fires). And if they’ve been poorly installed or you neglected their maintenance requirements, they can cause carbo monoxide leaks. It’s safer to install a carbon monoxide alarm to quickly identify a leak before it threatens your life and safety.

You can get one from a local shop or shop for it online. When you look for a carbon monoxide alarm, you should also get a varmpepumpe because it’s quite useful during the winter time.

Insulate hot water pipes

The last thing you want during the winter months is your hot water pipes to burst. Sadly, during this time of the year, these accidents are more common so it’s best to insulate them to prevent it. Head to the local shop and check for options. It would also be useful to get a elbil-lader while you’re there because you may never know when you need it.        

Clear the gutters

The gutters have a single purpose, to get rainwater off the roof and down the drain. But they cannot do it if they’re filled with leaves and debris. Before the first rains start, get a ladder and check the gutters to make sure there’s no obstruction that prevents them from accomplishing their purpose. You can tell that your gutters feature some kind of blockage when the water goes down the side of the house. solve the issue as soon as possible because it can cause discolouration and damage to the walls. The blockages are often twigs from birds’ nests, moss, or fallen leaves. When water stays for a long time trapped together with debris it can trigger mould and damp.


5 Elements That Shouldn’t Miss from Your Garden Design

Are you starting your first garden design project? Do you know what the essential elements of a modern garden design are? If not, keep reading below to find out! 


Planning a garden from scratch, whether it is a small garden or a large country garden, can be a complicated task, especially if you are no pro and you want to design your backyard on your own. You may be wondering what a good outdoor design is about. Well, we have your back! We will share with you the most important elements of modern garden designs that you should absolutely include in your garden’s design as well. 

Here are the five elements to consider when you’re starting off with your outdoor design:

1.      Patio

People these days feel the need to reconnect with nature more than ever before. We live busy city lives that make us be between concrete walls all day long. Yet, when we get back home, we can all go into our gardens for a short moment of reconnecting with natural elements. That’s why patios have become so popular in modern garden designs. They are a comfortable place where you can sit, eat, listen to music, or simply spend time with your loved ones in nature.

2.      Pathways

Pathways aren’t just a design thing. Sure, they look great in landscapes. Yet, they are also extremely practical as they allow you to walk through your garden without getting your shoes dirty, even on rainy days. 

You can use many materials for your garden’s pathways, including stone, bricks, wood, Oppdalskifer Oslo, or gravel. Whether you are using stones, wood, or Oppdalskifer for the pathways in your garden, keep in mind to consider the symmetry with the rest of the elements in your design. You can also use Dekorstein on the margins of your pathways to give them a cooler and more unique look. 

3.      A focal point

Be it indoors or outdoors, every environment needs a focal point that will draw people’s attention. Yet, in outdoor designs, focal points are particularly important as there are so many other things that can distract people from focusing on the design. 

Focal points in your garden can be literally anything, from a large outdoor decoration to a unique-looking tree, an architectural structure, or a water feature. 

4.      Grass

Yes, it may sound obvious, but some people tend to cover the grass in their landscape or not use it properly for a great design. Lawns are an essential feature of any garden. Plus, there’s nothing better than the smell of a freshly mown lawn when you want to relax in your outdoor space. 

So, aim to create long areas of grass, surrounded by the pathways you create to and from your house and the most important areas of your garden. 

5.      Containers

Differently shaped and colored containers can give your garden’s design a really edgy look. They can even be the focal points you need in your garden. For smaller containers, you can group them in threes to create a decoration element. 


As they age, your parents require more help with shopping or household chores because they’re no longer able to handle certain aspects of their lives. Difficult as it may be to balance work and family life, you need to lend a helping hand. If your loved ones don’t live under the same roof, designing a bedroom is something that demands more planning and consideration. Keep on reading to discover what it takes to create a safe and secure room for your parents to live comfortably for years to come.

Learn how to design a comfortable room for your aging parents

Get rid of the low, platform-style bed

It goes without saying that the bed is the most important component of the room. Eliminate the low-profile bed and get something suitable. As time goes by, it’s harder to sit too low. The bed frame height should be knee-level. To be more precise, your loved ones should be able to put both knees on soundly on the ground and push against the side of the bed with the knees slightly bent. Depending on the height of the elderly, the bed can be anywhere between 25 and 36 inches tall. As far as the mattress is concerned, you can always make modifications.

Use slip-resistant flooring

If you decide to hire privat omsorg at home, it’s necessary to completely restructure the place. As the experts will; suggest, it’s a good idea to eliminate unhealthy elements from the home, such as glues and paints. Most importantly, install flooring that reduces slipperiness. Someone will be by your parents’ side all the time, but that doesn’t guarantee that accidents won’t happen. Elders are at the greatest risk of slipping and falling and developing serious complications. Hjemmehjelp facilities don’t feature tile flooring, but laminates and wood.

Install additional insulation in the walls

You’ll want to keep the noise to a minimum. If it’s too noisy, your parents won’t be able to rest. Think about adding insulation to the walls. Fiberglass insulation reduces the noise coming from outside and inside the home, which is extremely useful if your loved ones live in a high-traffic area or an apartment complex. Spray foam won’t do a great job when it comes down to blocking out the noise. Opt for fiberglass insulation, which also serves as a convenient method of increasing energy efficiency. By installing additional insulation, you guarantee a comfortable climate and noise buffering. If your loved ones use walkers, low-pile carpeting should be installed.

Make the bedroom more spacious

Your aging parents can’t live independently because they need praktisk bistand. Isolation will undoubtedly generate loneliness, so make the time to visit your loved ones. The elderly shouldn’t be separated from their families. There should be enough space to walk around in the bedroom. When designing the layout of the room, avoid the temptation of cramming in too much furniture. A set of chest drawers and a table is enough. To put it simply, you must include minimal pieces of furniture. Focus more on decorating with mood-enhancing colors than furniture. Color is important for homeowners of all ages. 

 When you’re designing your first outdoor space, you may feel a little bit intimidated about it. Whether your garden needs new plantings or a complete redesign, landscaping can be overwhelming when you are a novice. 

If you’ve never tackled a landscape design before, you might feel confused about all the choices you need to make, including plants, choosing the right equipment, and finding the ideal way to arrange everything. 

Landscaping 101 How to revamp your outdoor space

Don’t worry, we’re here to help with the most basic landskapsarkitekt tips that will help you get started!

Create a path

A garden path can have a massive impact on how your outdoor space looks. It will give it a polished look to an otherwise untamed space. You can use various materials to create it, including rocks, quarter-inch crushed rock, or paving. 

If you want to add more color to your outdoor space, you can also color the quarter-inch if various colors. 

Choose low-maintenance plants

If you’re no expert in landscaping, you’d better go for low-maintenance plants. 

It’s no secret that you need to choose plants based on the type of soil you have in your garden and the type of climate in your area. However, there are certain types of plants that grow pretty much anywhere, no matter the weather conditions. You can talk with an expert landskapsarkitekttjenester for advice on which plants you should choose. 

Add a patio space

Every cozy outdoor space has a patio space where you can relax and enjoy nature. But, make no mistake, you don’t need to go above and beyond to buy outdoor furniture to create a patio.

A patio can be as simple as a few soft pillows placed in the corner of your garden and a small table where you can put your drinks. Or, if you are more of a handyman person, you can make your own outdoor furniture using pallets. 

Decorate the patio area with fairy lights, and it will make a great place to sit there during the night as well. 

Create an experience

A garden is more than the outdoor space of your property. It is the place where you relax, connect with nature, and breathe fresh air. So, why not make sure that you enhance each of these experiences. 

For example, if you want to relax in your yard after work, you can add a spring fountain to let the water sounds relax you. Or, if you want to connect with nature, a patio is a great area to spend more time in your yard in a comfortable way. 

Use borrowed views

If you are looking for pro advice from expert landskapsarkitektur, here you have it: use borrowed views in your landscaping project.  

Let’s say that your neighbor has a majestic tree that you’d like to see every morning too. Please don’t build a high concrete fence that might cover it, but rather let the view be incorporated in your landscaping project. 

Landscaping doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A landscaping project can include whatever you would like to see in your yard every time you step out of your home. 


You spend a third of your days at your office, so you should make sure the ambiance is as welcoming and inviting as possible. When at the office, everyone expects you to be social, creative and productive, but the truth is that the environment can highly influence your behaviour. The design of the workspace not only impacts your productivity but also affects the way you feel and think.

You aren’t probably conscient on how the surrounding space is influencing your mood, but if it were to ask you what place you’d pick or how you’d paint the walls, you’d probably go with the window spot and white. This is how your brain perceives a productive working space. With half of the workforce being millennials who want to work in relaxing environments, it’s expected employers to adapt their offices to their employees’ needs.

More and more companies are offering the chance to decorate their offices to make them feel more welcoming.

If you are an employer or employee who is looking for some adjustments to make the working space to transform it into a more productive spot, here are our suggestions.

Office decoration

Own the space

You want the space to feel like yours, so you should install a navneskilt bedrift and bring in some picture frames, plants and even a lamp. If you have the ownership of the space, you’ll feel more committed to work, and you’ll boost your productivity with 30%.           

Employers should encourage their staff to bring their offices to life by offering them a budget they can use to make their desks feel more like home.

Adding family photos, canvases and plants are some of the easiest ways to make an office space look cosier.

Plants and windows combine wonderfully

There’s nothing worse that working in a room without windows. The only thing you’ll want when locked in a dark room is to get out and feel the sunrays. You arrive at the office at the sunrise and leave it when it’s almost night, so you see the day light only during weekend.

Employers shouldn’t rent spaces that lack windows because they make people anxious and depressed.

If you handle toxic substances at your workplace, it would be wise to use sikkerhet og forsegling to seal the packages and prevent inhaling them. Plants can also help purifying the air, so you should install them around the room.

Plan the layout

If you don’t want to allow access in some spaces use sikkerhetsetiketter to inform employees the spaces are restricted.

Before you bring any furniture in, ask your employees about their preferences because some might be sensitive to certain colours or surfaces. You have only one shot to transform the working space into a productive environment, and planning can prove helpful. Try to picture where you’ll place the desks, install the storage shelves, and what decorations you want to bring in. Don’t order anything before planning how each room of the office building will look.



If you’re sick and tired of your old-looking house, make some changes. There’s no better time than now to refresh your space. If your budget allows it and you’re yearning to explore new possibilities in terms of décor, spruce up the home’s walls and breathe new life into the space. Here’s something to try: graffiti art. Graffiti art can be successfully used for wall decoration, you just have to be willing to try. Keep in reading to find out what it takes to create a fresh and modern interior.

How to use graffiti art for home decoration

Dress up your dining room walls

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is the hub for family meals. It’s the place where you and your loved ones get together and have a quiet, relaxing time. Wall art is commonly used in interior design. If you want an eye-catching dining room that captures the feeling of happiness without overdoing it, completely makeover the area with graffiti. Choose simple images. If you’re the artist, let your imagination go wild. When you get tired of the look, you can simply use a fjerne graffiti solution. It’s quick and easy.

Graffiti as the wall decoration of the kitchen  

Chances are that you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen cooking meals for your family. The kitchen is supposed to be a functional space. After all, this is where all of the cooking takes place. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be lively. Graffiti can give your kitchen character. It’s not your typical interior design tool, but that’s all the more reason to put graffiti on your walls. And furniture. Your kids and grandkids will simply adore the graffiti style. Eventually, you’ll get tired of the look. When that happens, clean the walls with the help of fasaderens. Think about letting your kids paint the façade.

Choose graffiti as wallpaper for your home office  

So, you get a lot of work done at home. There are deadlines to meet and you can’t afford to fall behind. It’s no secret that the décor and the color of the walls have a high impact on productivity. Transform your office into an energizing work space. Graffiti art looks contemporary, not to mention that it’s dynamic. It will inspire creativity and productivity, which is no little thing. Technology companies have already given up traditional décor styles and embracing the new. You should follow in their footsteps. There’s no reason why you should not turn your entire home into an art gallery. It will make you and your guests feel better. If you happen to notice a spot on the wall, use fasaderengjøring products.

All in all, you should give graffiti art a try. If you’re not interested in large-scale art, don’t worry because there are plenty of other ways to add style to your home. See what solution works best for you and don’t waste any more time. If you’re in need of some inspiration, Pinterest is a good place to start.

Starting a successful small business does not require a fancy office or wearing high-end suits all the time. In fact, a number of now successful business started in a garage, so with a bit of planning and effort, you can walk in the steps of Apple Computers and develop a successful business from the comfort of your own home.

Although you will need to check with the local authorities and see if starting a garage business is possible in your area, there are plenty of options to choose from. We picked some of the and made a list with potential opportunities, so here they are:

Small business ideas to start in your garage

Car repair business

What could be more perfect for a garage than an auto business? If you are skilled in mechanics, you can start a car repair business staring from your garage. All you need is to clean up the area, order some equipment and start marketing your business. Begin with repairing your friends and family’s cars and ask them to recommend you to their friends as well. After all, word of mouth marketing is still one of the best marketing strategy out there.

If you are not a trained mechanic, then a cleaning and detailing business may also work out for you.


Tech repair and refurbishing

If you know how electronics work, then why not start an electronics repair business? Computers, small appliances, even smartphones need fixing from time to time. All you need is a big working table to set up your workspace and some online marketing tips to market your business.

You can also try refurbishing electronics that don’t work anymore and sell them for profit. You can find plenty at flea markets and garage sales, and they usually cost next to nothing. Sometimes you can get as much as 100% profit. Just make sure to store everything properly and seal the boxes with sikkerhetstape, to prevent appliances from getting broken.


Fishing business

If you are an amateur fisherman, why not turn your passion into a business? This works especially if you live in an area where fishing is a common activity. But to make sure to check out with your local authorities and register your business, as any food business is heavily regulated and needs to respect safety rules.

You will probably need to clean up the space and make sure you follow sanitation rules. You will also need freezers and merking av fisk equipment, to label your products accordingly and ensure customers know exactly what they are buying.


Recycling business

Climate change is a constant issue, so why not do something good for the environment and also gain some money in the process? All you need for this is a van to collect trash with, and a big garage where you can store and organize waste.

To make everything look even more professional, make sure to wear proper equipment, label your van, and wear navneskilt. This way, people will always know who they are talking with, plus it’s free advertising.

Tips to get study notes to easily learn later

You have no chance to get good marks if your class notes are unclear, unorganised and messy. And no, it does not have anything to do with your handwriting, it is all about how you structure the notes. You have to remember that the information you get from your class will make the difference when you will have an exam. If you manage to note the essential information, you will find easier to learn during the exam sessions. Here are some different strategies you can try when you are taking notes during your college classes.

Tips to get study notes to easily learn later

The Cornell method

This method teaches you how to organise your notes into summaries easy to read. This method will help you organise your notes, summarise the content and make the courses easy to review. You will be able to write down the main concepts and ideas the teacher shares. You only have to divide the paper into 3 sections, the main section is designed for taking notes during your classes, the cues section is designed for the after class session, when you note what aspects you have to remember, and the summary part at the bottom allows you to write the main ideas of the notes. The notes written according to this method are the most appreciated ones on OneClass.

The charting method

For this method, you will have to divide the page into columns and to label them according to specific categories. When the teacher shares information about a certain topic, you will have to write it in the designed column.

The mapping method

For this method, every page from your notebook is designed for discussing a certain subject. You will use branches to point out the main topics and subtopics of the subject. You will begin the map in class while writing information about the main topic. You will connect to it headings that reflect the subtopic and you will write under them why they are important.

The outlining method

For the outlining method, you will use bullet points and headings to easily organise the content. Every section of content will include a heading to point out the main subject. Underneath the headings, you will write supporting facts about it. During the lesson, you will write the main ideas of the subject with the help of bullet points. List all the details regarding the subject underneath the heading and slightly to the right to make them stand out.

Safety House Features You Need to Childproof Your Home

Once you become a parent, the safety and health of your child become your top priority. Kids do not know how to protect themselves from all the dangers that surround them. As kids start to learn how to walk and their curiosity for discovering new things that surround them increases, you need to make sure that you secure your home in order to make it a safe and healthy environment.  No parent would like to see their children suffering an injury which could have been predicted with just a few safety features. So, read below how to childproof your house to ensure no risk will be close to your child and no unfortunate accident will happen.

When to start childproofing your home?


Ideally, the sooner, the better. First of all, each child develops in his or own rhythm. So, if you know from other moms that their child did not learn how to walk too soon, it does not necessarily mean that your little joy will not crawl out of the bed sooner than you think. Secondly, once you become a parent you will be extremely busy all the time which might make you forget about the importance of childproofing your home. So, you should consider installing all the safety features before your child starts to solicit most of your time to make sure that your child starts growing in a safe and healthy environment.

Limit access to the unsafe areas of your house

Usually, the kitchen and the bathroom are the areas of your house which can be the most dangerous for little kids. Your kitchen is surely filled with sharp items such as knives as well as with a hot burning oven which can be a real danger to your child. Moreover, in each household, the bathroom hosts numerous chemical cleaning products which are a high risk both for adults, but especially for children. Simply gate off the high-risk areas of your house with safety gates to ensure your child will not come any near of those dangers.

Cover the outlets

Kids have no idea what they should protect themselves from. As they rely on physical touch to understand more about the things that surround them, it is very likely for them to feel tempted to touch the electrical outlets. It is extremely important to remove the temptation with outlet covers to make sure your child will not hurt themselves.

Install furniture anchors

Another important aspect which you need to consider in order to properly childproof your house is to anchor the large pieces of furniture on the walls. Heavy pieces of furniture or electronics could fall for various reasons which would be extremely harmful to your child if they are anywhere close. As kids love climbing to discover hidden areas of the house, make sure you protect them by installing furniture anchors so that they can continue trying to scale every surface safely.

You can find out more parenting advice on Pink Mole blog as being a parent is a continuous job to ensure the overall wellbeing of your child and you need to be prepared for any situation.

Storing your garden tools and equipment for the winter

More and more therapists are recommending gardening for those who suffer from depression. Why? You may ask. Tending and cultivating a garden has a positive impact on the mind. To put it simply, it makes you happier and cures depression. If you have never suffered from depression, then you can consider yourself lucky. You can make the most of the time spent in the garden. Now that it is cold outside, you have no choice but to stay inside. What are you going to do about those tools and equipment? Well, store them properly.

Storing your garden tools and equipment for the winter

Store them in the attic or basement

People use the garage to dump all kinds of things, including gardening tools and equipment, toys, broken appliances, and so on and so forth. If you can barely park the car, you have a problem. There are too many things lying around and there is simply no space available. Why do you not store your precious possessions in the attic or the basement? You have the extra storage space and you might as well take advantage of it. What can you store in the attic or basement? Well, just about anything. Here are some examples: trowels, forks, leaf rakes, watering cans, loppers, etc. Ensure that you can lift the boxes without much difficulty.

Rent a self-storage unit

Maybe your attic and basement are packed with holiday decorations and family memories. If there is no room to spare, rent a self-storage unit. Storage units Oceanside are designed to make your life easier. You have the opportunity to store the garden tools and equipment indoors, in a safe place. If you have gear like a lawn mower, then it is of paramount importance to find a good place. A self-storage unit will provide you the space that you need and you do not have to dig deep into your pockets. Gardening tools are not the cleanest things ever. So, why keep them in the home in the first place? Rent a storage unit and start packing.

Ask your neighbor for help

If you do not like any of the above solutions, there is one last thing that you can try. You are the type of person that likes to have everything close to home. If this is the case, then ask one of your neighbors to store your garden tools and equipment. Those people who do not share your hobby have plenty of unused space and they will not say no to such a request. Naturally, you will have to be extremely nice to that person. They are doing you a favor after all. You will be able to find room in the home for rakes or watering cans. What you should worry about is the lawn mower or the indoor planter.

When the snow melts away, you will finally be able to resume your hobby. Until then, take advantage of this opportunity to catch up on your reading. It will do you good to read a book or two. It will.