Interior decoration can fight against depression – here’s how

Many people are constantly exposed to stress, which is one major cause behind the apparition of depression. People who are part of Gen Z are more predisposed to slip into severe depressions, as most studies say. The fact that they are afraid of the stigma around getting help in terms of their mental health keeps them from acting against the situation. The mental health problems of teenagers are now a concern, so parents need to get informed about the causes behind these problems and what they can do to relieve them. Every detail count when fighting depression and one of them is represented by interior decor. The ambiance at home can either contribute to the installation of depression or can keep it away.

Interior decoration can fight against depression


The psychology of color is a topic that has been debated for years. The effects of color therapy on the brain seem to be true and it was used since antiquity to treat mental health disorders. Colors have an electromagnetic energy and a frequency that can alter the mood of a person, either positively or negatively. Colors can even generate biochemical reactions. In some cases, depression is correlated to the color palette inside a house. There is a scientific base that nuances such as earthy greens or soft purples relieve depression and change the mood of a person. Blue light is known for its power to reduce depression and its symptoms, while purples deplete bad moods. If you watch movies about depression, you will notice that the color palette used is full of meaning and is carefully selected to transmit certain feelings.

Lighting and greenery

These are two factors that can rapidly change the ambiance inside the house. Good lighting coming directly from the sun is recommended by the National Institute of Health. Dark rooms encourage the installation of depression. Chromotherapy is useful in treating depression or anxiety, so invest in scented candles of different hues for an extra touch. Bringing nature inside the house is also a great option. It is said that greenery absorbs bad energy and transforms the surroundings in less depressing ones. Moreover, taking care of plants is a routine activity that can take your mind away from overthinking. Creating a tranquil space by combining lighting and greenery is a must in any home.  

A wellness home sanctuary can help you fight against drug addiction

In this busy modern world, many people start using drugs because of the stress and anxiety which everyday life makes them deal with and it is too difficult to cope with their thoughts and emotions so they start to feel overwhelmed. Whether they use drugs to forget and numb the emotional pain they feel or to get a boost of energy which is actually only damaging their health, it is a noxious vice which eventually makes their lives fall apart and they transform into something that even they cannot control because of the fact that the addiction has a powerful influence on the way they think and behave.


When dealing with a stressful life that makes you feel overwhelmed, coming back home to a safe, cozy and welcoming environment after a busy day at work is a very important aspect that we all need to be considerate about. Surely, holistic treatment centers are the best way to fight against a drug addiction because there you can get the help you need from specialists. However, a home sanctuary is something that can help you improve and maintain your well-being.

Create the right atmosphere

A wellness home sanctuary can help you fight against drug addiction

In order to design a sanctuary in your home, you need to make sure you create the right atmosphere. Drug addiction can make you deal with many insecurities and confusion so, inside your home, you should feel like you are in a place where you are protected by all the bad things from the outside world. A cozy and warm place with a beautiful scent given by the essential oils or perfumed candles. You can get your inspiration for how to design your house from treatment centers such as The Holistic Sanctuary which is an efficiently designed place for people fighting with addiction.

Decorate it with items that make you feel good

When you are dealing with such a horrible struggle against a drug addiction, you need to get all the support that you need both from your loved ones, specialists, and things that make you feel good. Apart from inviting your loved ones to live with you during the process of the fight against your addiction so that you do not isolate yourself and get tempted to use drugs again, you should consider decorating the house with photo frames with the persons that you love the most, your favorite places, your hobbies, and pets.

Bring nature inside

Nature is the best environment for improving and maintaining your well-being. Bringing plants inside your house will make the fresh air give you a positive mood and you can fight against the dark thoughts that are running through your head.

Set up a quiet place for meditation

Meditation is an amazing technique to work on your mental well-being. You get the opportunity to quiet your mind, get in touch with your emotions and thoughts and get a clearer image of them. drug addiction is making your mind to function differently because of the new thoughts and perspectives you are dealing with so you end up confused about everything that is going on inside your head. Which is why setting up a quiet place with a mat where you can meditate is an amazing idea when fighting against drug addiction.

Decorating with clean white

A white room is like a canvas, it invites you to use your imagination and decorate the space. But why using other colours in a fresh room? It will shine brighter if you choose to use only white when decorating it. It is one of the most versatile neutral shades you can work with and it will make the room look stylish and clean. A white room offers the impression of a serene space. Beige for example is considered a boring colour but white allows you to play with textures and pair them in intriguing combinations. There are multiple ways of decorating a white room, and if you consider that an all-white room is too much for you, you can bring pops of warm shades inside with the help of decoration items.

Decorating with clean white

Use a base of white

For a living room, it is advisable to use a solid base of white, because it offers you the possibility to enhance the beauty of the space by using wood items. You can use white for the walls and windows, because you can ask the window provider to paint the window frames in white. If you want to install window treatments then it is advisable to choose white plantation shutters, because they are the most stylish option available on the market, at the present moment. For the floor, you can choose natural wood, because it creates a beautiful contrast with the cleanness of the walls. You can use vintage furniture items to decorate the space in order to make it look more stylish.

How to choose the right white?

Yes, you read it right. There are various types of whites, because they come with multiple undertones. There are cool finishes and there are warm undertones. According to the purpose of the room and the other details like windows, you will have to choose the right variation. If you want to install white shutters, you should opt for the ones that have a yellow undertone because they make the space look warmer. But if the room has multiple windows and there is lots of natural light, then you can choose a cooler shade of white, because it will make the room look balanced.

Decide upon furniture

When having a white room, you have a clean canvas you can work with, but this does not mean that you can bring anything into that room, because it will work. It will not, and it will make the space look chaotic. You should plan how the interior will look, and decide if you want to extend the colour scheme to other shades. It is advisable to choose furniture items that feature clean lines and are made from metallic materials. Metal items make the room have a modern vibe, but at the same time, they offer the impression of a welcoming atmosphere. White rooms should have a rug on the floor because it brings cohesion to the space. When you choose a rug, you should check if it is large enough to stretch underneath the main furniture items, in order to create a balanced look.

Picking the best color palette for your new house – designer advice

Renovating is not an easy job, especially when you want to choose everything by yourself and combine elements following your own taste. Even though you have full freedom when it comes to remodeling your house, it is important to stick with some rules that designers usually come up with when they are planning the future look of the building. One of the critical steps of renovating a house is represented by repainting it. Choosing the appropriate painting services and deciding what color palette you should follow during the remodeling process is an absolute necessity. In most cases, this is also the most difficult task of a person. This article is meant to help you get inspired regarding color palettes. Here’s what you should know:

Picking the best color palette for your new house

Matching colors

First of all, you should consider what colors have to match in each room. This depends on the space you are about to repaint. If it is an open space, the color palette will be the same for the whole house. If it is a closed space, you can choose different color palettes for each room of the house, as long as they are not visible from one room to another. Adjoining rooms have to match in terms of colors. Otherwise, the visual effect that the color palette difference will create is going to be unpleasing. In case you are not good at analyzing each floor plan, then contact Christo Industries and see if they can help you out with making this decision.

The base color

Before doing anything else, you should pick a base color for the biggest room in the house. If you live in an open space building, this base color will represent the main one for the whole palette. Every color that you choose next has to be a nuance of this base color or at least it needs to match it. This is the only way to create harmony in the design of your house. If you work with a closed space, you can choose a base color for every room that isn’t adjoining another. Either way, the color palette should not dramatically change, so the base color should be similar for the entire house.

The bold color

Besides the base color, you can also choose a bold color to complement it. It’s easier to choose a bold color when working with the same color palette in the entire house. Choosing similar bold colors for each room that has a separate color palette should create a pleasant visual effect. Bold colors should match the base color and should not be used excessively. In some cases, the bold color can be used with decorative elements instead of painting the walls.


Finally, before transforming your whole plan into reality, go ahead and test the color palette on a piece of paper. See if you like how the colors match, see if any nuance should be darker or lighter and other details that you won’t be able to modify once the paint is already on the walls.

Easy ways to make your garden look great

You do not like how your garden looks, when you have a glimpse through your windows? You should not be stressed out, because you can do a makeover for your garden, without having to spend a lot of time and financial resources. You should relax and think about how you would like your garden to look like. The garden makeover should be your weekend project, because you do not need more than two days, you are a lucky homeowner if you have a garden, it does not matter if it is a small or large one. If you care about your garden, you will make your entire property look more appealing. If you want to make your neighbours jealous, then this is the best way to do it. If the space is big enough to place a table and a few chairs, then it is just right for your needs. If you care and maintain it, it will help you relax when you get home from work.

Use pot plants

Just because you have a garden, it does not mean that all the plants and flowers have to be planted in the soil. You can use pots to decorate the garden, it will offer it a sophisticated look. If you have only grass in your garden, you should not remove it in order to plant flowers. We understand that you need some colour and texture, but you can obtain them if you plant flowers in pots, and arrange them around the garden. If you are not good at growing plants you can buy them already bloomed, and place them in the garden areas where you want to brighten up the space.

Keep the lawn green

It all starts with the look of the lawn, if you want to have a beautiful garden, then the lawn has to be green and luscious. The first step is to mow it regularly. Make sure that the mower functions properly, if you consider that it is damaged, and some of its parts need to be replaced, you should check an online store because they have all the spare parts for your gardening business you’ll ever need. If you need it, these guys will have it. Also, you should invest in sprinklers, because your lawn needs water to stay hydrated. From time to time, you will also need to offer it nutrients, so buy some fertilizers.

Use garden accessories

Your garden should look beautiful not only during the day, but also during the night. You can buy garden accessories from the local department store. Some nice light and a picket fence will change the look of the garden instantly. You can install a wood bench in the garden, if you do not want to use garden furniture. You will want to have some moments of relaxation in your garden, and a bench offers you the comfort you need. Make sure to coat the bench in an outdoor suitable paint, because it is important to protect it from outdoor factors. Use a pastel colour for a vintage look.

Things to do in your first days of retirement

At some point or the other, people leave gainful employment and choose to exist in a post-work world. Have you made the decision to retire? Leaving your occupation isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but you will not regret it. As a matter of fact, you’ll enjoy leaving your active working life. You’ll have more time for yourself, not to mention that you don’t have to worry about money. Chances are that right now you don’t have a very good idea about what you’re going to do. You’ve worked for decades and suddenly you are free to do anything that crosses your mind. We know that you’re at a loss right now, so we’ve made a list of things that you can do in the first days of retirement. Continue reading to find out what you can do next.

Things to do in your first days of retirement

Celebrate the retirement milestone

You’ve worked all your life so as to be able to make a living. Unlike others, you didn’t have financial support, so you had no choice but to earn money. The bottom line is that you’ve spent all your waking hours working. Now that you’ve withdrawn from your position it’s time to celebrate. You have all the reason in the world to be happy. There are no more annoying colleagues and you don’t have to go to work every day. All you have to do now is sit back and relax. Your life is just beginning and this is worth commemorating. If you don’t feel like going out, get a bottle of wine and celebrate the occasion. Don’t forget to turn off the alarm clock. You don’t have to rush in the morning anymore.

Give away your possessions

It’s surprising how many things people acquire over a lifetime. Material possessions aren’t the most important ones, but that doesn’t stop people from buying lots and lots of stuff. There is no better time like the present to downsize. Space is limited and you should only keep the important things. Following a lifetime of accumulating things, it’s necessary to downsize. Take the time to decide what belongings are necessary. If you have beautiful stuff that you simply can’t give up, like pieces of furniture, store them in a storage unit. Storage units near you provide affordable rent, so why not? If you have items of sentimental value, then it’s recommendable to use a storage unit. As for the possessions that you’re no longer using, you might want to give them away.

Go on a trip

After retiring, you have all the time in the world. The last thing you should do is stay inside all day long. You should go out and see the world. you have flexibility and you should take advantage of it. If your friends and family are too busy, then travel solo. It’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s quite interesting, as you can discover new things. Anyway, take a long trip. The longer your stay is, the less you’ll pay.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a shitload of cash in home makeovers significant overhauls, major renovations and for you to make your house do better. It’s in the little things you’ve ignored in the past that you can start doing. You don’t need expensive plastic surgery to put a beautiful face on your property.

Little home fixes tend to add up, and over time, your home could be transformed into true beauty and boost its value should you want to sell or rent out.

Or you can also decide to do them all at once. Your choice.

Landscaping project - enhance your garden with gravel

Show More Love to Your Lawn

Too often, people only focus on the inside of their properties and pay very little attention outside. But the saying, “first impressions matter” apply, particularly in real estate. A fresh coat of paint for the exterior walls is great, but there’s so much more you can do. Cultivate a small lawn and line them with flowerbeds and shrubs. Ensure sidewalks and driveways are spotless and crack-less.

Once that is done, we can go indoors.

Get Rid of Clutter

When people walk through your house, it’s a good thing to make them envy your space. This is especially important if you’re looking to sell or rent. If your home is full of things all over the place, that’ll not be possible, as clutter has a way of distracting people. No one likes distractions Clean off counters, organize your desk, arrange bookshelves and align furniture; whatever you do, make sure you get rid of all that clutter, and you’ll be able to breathe much more comfortably.

Buy your Home Some Flowers

If you love your home, buying flowers for it can make it love you back. Purchase a few bunches from a flower shop or local store and place in your living room, hallway, and kitchen. Studies have proven that the sight of flowers help improve moods, enhance memory and increases social contact.

Alternatively, you can get lace ribbon flowers from a local décor shop or make them yourself. Add a sprinkle of baby

Bring Light into Your Home

Poor lighting can deemphasize your home’s most attractive features. The funny thing is you don’t even need to spend much in doing so. Swap your old light bulbs for higher watt types. Investing a few dollars in getting new fixtures can brighten things up.

A couple of well-placed lamps and even twinkly lights can change a room’s ambiance for better. For added effect, you can make lace ribbon designs over them to create variety.

Also, try to let in more natural lighting. This will make your home more refreshing to dwell in.

What About Smells?

It’s lovely to focus on sights, but how well does your home smell? But you have to be careful about this. Too little and unpleasant odors will linger; too much it’ll be overpowering. Make use of Reed diffusers to provide a subtle scent. They make for a pretty sight also.

Most people think that the nursery won’t take much effort to design, simply because that’s the room where your child will be mostly sleeping. Therefore, the utility of the room is not that accentuated into the parent’s life, so they tend not to invest as much effort into decorating it as in other cases. Actually, all parents want from a nursery is represented by functionality and simplicity. There is no need to hire a professional interior designer to put together the decor for a nursery. You just have to carefully select the furniture you are going to include here and some simple color palettes that you find visually soothing. The room will be filled with baby clothes and toys anyway, so don’t worry about additional accessories and decorations. This article should be a useful guide to get you started with this task. Here’s what you need to know:

Landscaping project - enhance your garden with gravel

Choose the furniture

You should keep in mind what the essentials are when it comes to buying the nursery furniture. First of all, think about items that will make your job easier and your kid more comfortable. The specialists at BabyAXS can help you in that direction by offering you a buying guide for nursery furniture. Primary furniture involves a baby swing for soothing the little one, a crib, a changing table, a dresser and – essential – a comfortable chair for you to sit on. These pieces cannot miss from any nursery and they will later adjust to your child’s age. The crib will transform into a toddler bed, the changing table will become a desk and so on. Plan your budget accordingly.


You may want to make sure that you include plenty of storage room in your nursery. You will have a lot of items that are related to childcare that need storage and keeping them around without getting organized is definitely not a good idea. Maximizing space should be your main goal when decorating the nursery. Creative shelving, under-furniture storage, and toy storage are elements that cannot miss from your nursery.


Once your child starts to crawl around and get curious about each thing he or she sees, it will be difficult to keep accidents away if you won’t babyproof the room. It would be advised to babyproof the whole house during the curious period of your little one, but always start with the nursery. There are numerous methods of babyproofing out there, so you won’t have trouble in finding the one method that suits your situation the best.


Lighting is another very important aspect of decorating a nursery. You need to be careful not to obstruct natural lighting from getting in. Also, invest in creative solutions for a nightlight. Children require dim lighting during the night. As for daylight, make sure it’s not too strong or the opposite. Good lighting is a condition for a child’s deep relaxation and quality sleep. A nursery that’s too dark can affect the child’s vision, and the sudden changes from a powerfully lighted environment to a dark one can lead to serious consequences.

Keeping a garden aesthetically pleasing represents a real challenge taking into account unfavorable growing conditions, hosepipe bans and limited budgets, not to mention about the tedious work. The secret ingredient that can help many homeowners across the world eliminate such inconveniences, enhance the appeal of their outdoor space while ensuring low-maintenance is gravel. Resulted from the crushing of hard-wearing rocks or naturally, due to the erosion of large boulders, weather and river water, it allows road paving and it can also become an integral part of your garden because it comes with invaluable benefits. Even though it does not represent a novelty, using gravel in the garden or backyard is affordable, flexible, sustainable, climate-friendly, not to mention that it exudes an organic feel. Of course, you can opt for bricks and pavers, but you will not obtain the same earthly texture. If you are living in a drought-prone area, then you have another solid reason for exploring sand and gravel suppliers in Kent and creating a strikingly beautiful landscape.

Landscaping project - enhance your garden with gravel

Become familiar with the main types of gravel

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, whether you want to divide flowerbeds, cover high traffic areas or add visual interest to boring areas in your garden, you can find the perfect type of gravel for each idea. Taking into account that landscape architects and gardeners incline towards this option, namely gravel gardening, it would be a shame not to give it a try, especially if you own an old-style home. However, you do have to become familiar with the various types of gravel products, which differ in texture, size and use. For instance, some of them are great for creating pavements while others work better as decorative elements. Shortly, start looking into these three common types of gravel, namely loose, resin-bonded and self-binding. Loose gravel is convenient and easily available, but not the best options if you want to pave steep slopes. On the other hand, resin-bonded gravel is extremely stable and the proof lies in the fact that you can even drive over it without it budging. With self-binding gravel, you can make a solid pavement that will resist bikes or wheelchairs.

Short guide on how to create a gravel garden

When it comes to creating a gravel garden, you have to follow a few mandatory steps, which refer to identifying the perimeter and clearing the area, preparing the soil by digging to allow the air to penetrate, adding fertilizer or compost and raking to prevent lumps. Applying an underlayer becomes fundamental for keeping weeds at bay. We are referring to covering the soil with a weed suppressant membrane and yes, plastic sheets are cheaper, but less efficient. The gravel might scatter if you do not add edging. Plants arrangement must look like small islands next to each other because you want to give them enough space to grow peacefully. Depending on your intentions on using the space and the type of gravel you want to use, go ahead and cover the chosen areas with gravel.



Designing a home is no easy task, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to hire someone to do it for you. Some creativity and patience will do the job. Choosing furniture, color palettes, decorations and all the details that will represent your future home can actually be entertaining if you know how to organize everything. Reading some articles on interior design topics and staying in touch with the latest trends may help you get a better view of what you should do. Of course, subjectivity plays a huge role in decorating a house. You’ll do everything after your own liking and you don’t have to respect any rules or styles. You can unleash your imagination and come up with a unique design that reflects your personality entirely. An interior designer would not be able to express your personality and preferences as well as you do. Here are some tips that you might want to know about interior design:

Design your home professionally without hiring an interior designer

Learn some things about furniture

Buying furniture is a complex process. You have to learn some things about quality, sizing, materials used and prices. Furniture can be extremely expensive, reason why you should search for sales in your area. Look for exhibitions at sgmatta or other similar companies. This way, you’ll get to see how furnished rooms should look like and what style you can opt for. You can combine different pieces of furniture so that you create your own ideal space. As mentioned before, there are no ground rules to follow. Anything you feel like it would suit your home is worth buying. Create a checklist with all the furniture items you have to buy.

Colors are responsible for everything

Choosing a color palette is a little more difficult than choosing furniture. The reason behind this is that not all colors work together. You will need to get documented about nuances and shades that work well when combined. Again, you can opt for whatever seems appropriate for your home. If you want to select patterned wallpaper, go for it, but make sure you plan everything beforehand. See if the design you have in mind can be transposed into reality. Drawing the design or at least noting down the ideas may help.

You should know how to manage a budget

Finances are very important when designing a house. You might find a piece of furniture that you consider ideal for the design you thought of, but it can be too expensive for the budget you planned. Going over your budget is not a solution – choosing items that fit in it is the right option. Set up a budget and carefully respect it during the whole time. Think about how much you want to spend on decorating a house and only make the required investments. Don’t go over your hand with money, or you risk ending up with half of your house decorated. Stick with the choices that are appropriate for your budget.