Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country home decor ideas are perfect for those who like simplicity, relaxation and want a bohemian ambiance in their house. However, country does not mean plain, ugly or tasteless, on the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to transform chic and stylish items into natural and comfortable ones. Choosing the right appliances for a country kitchen is not easy, as you must equip your kitchen with everything that will provide comfort while keeping a rustic and rudimentary look.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas 1

Use items with natural and old aspect to achieve a rustic look

Having a country kitchen does not mean you must lack any appliances that would ease your work in the kitchen, as you can choose items specially designed to match your country kitchen design ideas. Once you start decorating, consider the colors and the materials you want to use. There are many country home decorating ideas to inspire from and there are some rules you must follow for a genuine decorating process. The country style includes light shades of paint for the walls and darker colors for the furniture. The main fabrics used are natural and ecological, such as wood, stone and metal, and manufacturers use special techniques to make the furniture look old. Use fabrics such as wool, knits or sackcloth for the curtains and tablecloths and avoid sophisticated materials like silk or lace. For a unique design, hang a rectangular wooden frame from the ceiling and display on it your old aspect utensils and metal pots.
Appliances that Will Match Your Country Kitchen Design Ideas 2

Choose the appliances according to the background

Once you have decided on the furniture, you can start choosing the appliances, according to the background. As the furniture must be wooden and with an aged aspect, the perfect appliances are those that look antique and rustic, such as enameled sheet oven and refrigerator, or copper coffee maker and toaster. Avoid modern details such as stainless steel or digital screens and go for lines of appliances that are specially designed for this type of kitchens. Opt for a sheet stove with an old aspect given by simple knobs or a metal handle from which you can hang a mitten and match the stove with a sheet hood incorporated in the cabinets. Limit the displayed appliances to those that are absolutely necessary such as the oven and refrigerator and mask the other ones behind the cabinets doors. Depending on the country kitchen design ideas you want to apply, you can find on the market old fashion appliances that are perfect for country kitchens: a copper water boiler or toaster, ovens with metal knobs and handles and dishwashers with an old aspect.

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