5 Elements That Shouldn’t Miss from Your Garden Design

Are you starting your first garden design project? Do you know what the essential elements of a modern garden design are? If not, keep reading below to find out! 


Planning a garden from scratch, whether it is a small garden or a large country garden, can be a complicated task, especially if you are no pro and you want to design your backyard on your own. You may be wondering what a good outdoor design is about. Well, we have your back! We will share with you the most important elements of modern garden designs that you should absolutely include in your garden’s design as well. 

Here are the five elements to consider when you’re starting off with your outdoor design:

1.      Patio

People these days feel the need to reconnect with nature more than ever before. We live busy city lives that make us be between concrete walls all day long. Yet, when we get back home, we can all go into our gardens for a short moment of reconnecting with natural elements. That’s why patios have become so popular in modern garden designs. They are a comfortable place where you can sit, eat, listen to music, or simply spend time with your loved ones in nature.

2.      Pathways

Pathways aren’t just a design thing. Sure, they look great in landscapes. Yet, they are also extremely practical as they allow you to walk through your garden without getting your shoes dirty, even on rainy days. 

You can use many materials for your garden’s pathways, including stone, bricks, wood, Oppdalskifer Oslo, or gravel. Whether you are using stones, wood, or Oppdalskifer for the pathways in your garden, keep in mind to consider the symmetry with the rest of the elements in your design. You can also use Dekorstein on the margins of your pathways to give them a cooler and more unique look. 

3.      A focal point

Be it indoors or outdoors, every environment needs a focal point that will draw people’s attention. Yet, in outdoor designs, focal points are particularly important as there are so many other things that can distract people from focusing on the design. 

Focal points in your garden can be literally anything, from a large outdoor decoration to a unique-looking tree, an architectural structure, or a water feature. 

4.      Grass

Yes, it may sound obvious, but some people tend to cover the grass in their landscape or not use it properly for a great design. Lawns are an essential feature of any garden. Plus, there’s nothing better than the smell of a freshly mown lawn when you want to relax in your outdoor space. 

So, aim to create long areas of grass, surrounded by the pathways you create to and from your house and the most important areas of your garden. 

5.      Containers

Differently shaped and colored containers can give your garden’s design a really edgy look. They can even be the focal points you need in your garden. For smaller containers, you can group them in threes to create a decoration element. 


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