3 Convincing Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Having a dog is a very fulfilling experience and it helps in nearly every aspect of your life. It’s hard nonetheless, but having a furry friend can lighten even your worst day. So, if they give us so much help, why not give them something in return, like a house. ASPCA says 3.3. million dogs arrive at shelters all around the U.S. every year. By adopting one, you can reduce this number and besides, dogs from shelters are much more grateful for what you can offer and are thankful for less. They are also very loving and smart, giving the experience they had on the street. They can even be easier to train. If you need us to be more convincing, we found 3 very good reasons you should adopt rescue dogs.

3 convincing reasons to adopt a shelter dog

No puppy chewing on your stuff

While you can also find puppies for adoption in shelters, taking a dog that is already an adult is the brave thing to do. Besides, if you have a very busy schedule and a very active life away from home it’s very hard to keep up with a puppy and his energy and curiosity. And among the perks of having a “grown up” dog is the fact that the possibility of finding chewed up things when you arrive home is very small. Of course, it’s not a rule, some of them may find comfort in destroying everything, but that is just because of anxiety. They need some work, but they already know basic stuff like not “having accidents” inside. Don’t get it wrong, adopting adult dogs doesn’t mean they will just lay around all day not doing anything, they also enjoy their play time.

It’s a win-win situation

You scratch their backs, they scratch yours. Which means that helping them get out of the shelter or streets automatically blesses you with loads of love and praise. Rescue dogs are very aware of the things you do for them and they are very grateful for your help. Because they had no one for so long, they appreciate your presence and love and they are more willing to please you than any other dog. They don’t take you for granted and will never do something to upset you. Even though they may be a little anxious and shy at first, but that is only natural. They don’t quite know you and don’t know what to expect from you. But rest assured, once you learn how to build confidence in your dog, he will be your best of friends.

Mental health improvements

It’s well known that animals help with the mental health issue and not only the ones that are specially trained for therapy. Every furry friend you have will eventually pick on your perks and personality and will act accordingly. Plus, dogs have a way with making their owners feel better. Some of them can even sense danger approaching. They will be there for you no matter what, no questions asked. Loneliness will be a thing in the past, just a bad memory, anxiety will decrease, they can even help you socialize by socializing themselves (like for example in a dog park).



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